The left's despicable hysteria about 'Justice for J6' rally

By Tom Zawistowski

So, let me get this straight. A group of around 700 American citizens, by “intelligence estimates,” with documented legal concerns about disparate treatment of the political prisoners arrested after the Jan. 6 violence, are going to be protesting at the U.S. Capitol and in several state capitals this Saturday, Sept. 18. They have a permit for the event from the U.S. Park Service. They have coordinated the details of the event with the Capitol Police, the D.C. Police and the Park Service. They have their own security.

They have publicly rejected any participation in the event by anyone who wants to commit violence. They are doing what is lawfully their right to do under the First Amendment and doing it in a lawful way, as all Americans would want them to do and wish had been done on Jan. 6. Yet, Reps. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, and Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., who chair panels that oversee the Capitol Police, said, “Given the violent tendencies of the right-wing extremists who plan to attend, it is obvious this rally poses a threat to the Capitol,” while adding that Capitol Police have “a clear plan … to maintain order.”

Does he mean those “violent tendencies” like the Antifa and BLM violent “peaceful protests,” which included looting and burning 140 cities and inflicting $2 billion in damages while injuring 2,037 police officers?

They say it’s “obvious”? Based on what, Rep. Ryan? Leaked media claims from “unknown sources” about “internet chatter”? Really?

Then why are all the unfairly demonized groups, like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, and even most hard right podcasters and social media sites, telling everyone “don’t go, it’s a false flag event setup by the FBI to trap Trump supporters”? Which it is not.

While everyone on the left is creating hysteria to try to stop this event and attack those with a dissenting opinion, those on the right should be embarrassed for not supporting this important rally. They are proving that one thing is clear: The left, the media and the Biden regime have succeeded in creating delusional thinking on both sides of America’s great divide.

This will be a peaceful rally, like the hundreds that have been conducted in Washington over the many years, including by the Tea Party and Trump supporters, and will not “pose a threat to the Capitol.” Those comments were designed for one purpose: to fear monger and scare peaceful American citizens from exercising their First Amendment rights, to silence dissenting voices, the main tool of totalitarian regimes. We the People have no intention of surrendering our rights to anyone.

Here’s another beauty of a quote, from Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin: “Backup forces will be ready. And Congress is (not) in there, and there’s no particular proceeding that they could be disrupting … but nonetheless we are planning for something really big because Donald Trump and his aligned forces continue to embrace insurrection.”

Something really big? Their own estimate is that 700 people will attend an event at Union Square on the lawn west of the Capitol itself. Yeah, that’s really a big threat. Oh yeah. and Congress won’t even there to be threatened. but it’s going to be “really big.” CNN breathlessly says, “They (authorities) are preparing for some of these people at this event to possibly be armed.” Got enough weasel words in that statement?

MSNBC shouts over the on-screen graphic: “D.C. prepared for far-right protestors” that, “If you see someone with a gun, call 911!” Yeah, people who are intent on “insurrection” get a permit for their event, and intentionally hold the event so they are nowhere near the purported target, and at the event they plan to use video screens to go over a legal case that proves that U.S. citizens are unlawfully being charged and held by their government as well as having their human rights abused. Nothing gets a crowd more fired up that listening to a legal briefing – you can bet on that!

Then it was announced that the Capitol Police are putting fencing back up around the U.S. Capitol and have requested National Guard troops be available if needed. Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin told Forbes he is “very concerned” about a repeat of the violence that gripped the Capitol on Jan. 6 after blasting the planned rally in a floor speech as “another gathering of violent white nationalists.”

Sen. Durbin, regardless of his inflammatory dog whistle to the leftist base about the mythical “white nationalist,” knows there is zero chance at this “Justice for J6” rally of a repeat of the violence that gripped the Capitol on Jan. 6 because if there is violence, the blame will be squarely on him and Reps. Ryan and Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Capitol Police and D.C. Police and everyone else who failed miserably in doing their jobs to make sure there was no violence on Jan. 6. They have no excuses Saturday and they had no valid excuse for their failures on Jan. 6. That is why I am confident that the “Justice for J6” rally will be peaceful and uneventful.

Shame on all those on the right who are telling people not to attend these rallies based on irrational fears stoked by these leftist and media bad actors. If Americans cannot go to the capital and lawfully gather and speak, then we have surrendered our Constitution and surrendered to government lawlessness. We must never surrender to lawlessness of any kind.

As I say on our website, the fact that the U.S. government feels so threatened by the gathering of 700 Americas that they have to erect a fence around the Capitol shows that they fear the American people. The fact that these patriotic Americans are going to attend this “Justice for J6” rally on Sept. 18 shows that We the People do not fear them.

Police are preparing for potential violent clashes at Saturday’s rally and planning for the possibility that protesters may arrive with weapons, according to three people familiar with the preparations. Officers are monitoring hotel bookings, flights, car rental reservations and buses being chartered to bring groups into Washington. How’s that supposed to make Americans feel? Are we OK with our intelligence agencies “monitoring” everyone’s hotel reservations, flights and car rentals when those same agencies “know” that only perhaps 700 people will attend the event? Anyone concerned about these agencies spying on you when you have nothing to do with this event? Any constitutional concerns there?

Then it was announced that “Police will put fencing back up around the Capitol building ahead of a far-right rally supporting Jan. 6 rioters.” Event organizer Matt Braynard, from Look Ahead America, told The Epoch Times in an email: “This is a political decision to intimidate patriotic Americans from exercising their First Amendment rights.”

In several social media posts, Braynard said the rally is meant to be peaceful and that organizers have worked for two months with Capitol, Washington and park police forces, in addition to private security.

There will be a “secure perimeter” and metal detectors at the event, which will be 100% run by his group, Look Ahead America, he added.

The rally’s location is Union Square between 1st and 3rd streets, according to an email sent to people interested in attending that was seen by The Epoch Times. It’s slated to start at 12 p.m.

In closing, let me state clearly, this unwarranted hysteria is all a campaign of intentional distraction intended to stop Americans from exercising their rights and stop the world from hearing the truth about what actually happened on Jan. 6 and the gross mistreatment of the Jan. 6 political prisoners. A recent Rasmussen Poll shows half of Americans believe that the U.S. government is holding political prisoners.

The people attending the “Justice for J6” rally in D.C. and in 13 state capitals are true patriots because they are the few who are standing up to defend our Constitution, their own rights, and most importantly, the rights of their fellow Americans, regardless of their political beliefs. These attendees are worthy of praise for upholding the most sacred traditions of our republic, and instead our supposed elites attack them. We will not allow them to be unfairly attacked. We are thankful for their willingness to think for themselves and stand up for right regardless of the insanity surrounding them on the left and the right. We are proud to stand with them and will continue to fight for the release of the Jan. 6 political prisoners and the prosecution of those who have violated their human and constitutional rights.

Tom Zawistowski is the president of the We the People Convention, and his organization supports and has provided funding and advertising to Look Ahead America promoting the ‘Justice for J6’ rally in D.C. and for the case filed by Look Ahead America to the U.N. Human Rights Committee asking them to investigate Human Rights Violations being inflicted by the Biden regime against the January 6th political prisoners.

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