The Trump ‘conviction’ and an end-time scenario

I was not shocked by the ruling of the Merchan Kangaroo Kourt, though I was hoping the jurors would recognize the danger to the rule of law their complicity in Merchan’s blatant witch-hunt would represent.

We’re in unchartered waters now in America, as far as the Judiciary goes. The Executive and Legislative branches of government fell to Marxism in November 2020, or perhaps more correctly, Jan. 6, 2021 – thanks to the teamwork of Pence and Pelosi.

SCOTUS could still step in if asked and nip this criminal abuse of the courts in the bud – which I think is very much in their interest to do, though the predictable political reaction by the left to declare the high court illegitimate (by the shrillest possible means) might cause a couple of the “conservatives” to hesitate – John Roberts for sure, and maybe Amy Barrett as well. But we’ll just have to wait and see. Trump has said his plan is to appeal directly to the high court, which likely will rule in his favor. That will restore faith in the courts by normal people, but escalate the fear and desperation of the far left even further – if that’s possible.

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As you know, I’m a strong Trump supporter, but I’m also hedging my bet based on my view of the unfolding of end-time prophecy.

From a purely worldly perspective, the Trump phenomenon looks like the ultimate historic showdown between the Marxist left and Populist right with Trump as the hero to save us from Marxist tyranny. That’s about as exciting as it gets for a battle-scarred Reagan Revolution culture warrior like me after fighting a losing rearguard action for 30 long years against the exact same people attacking Trump.

But prophetically and spiritually this Biden/Trump showdown seems to be following the biblical pattern of Saul and David when the Israelite Republic of Joshua and Judges was transitioning to the Davidic Monarchy – with Dementia-Joe Biden in the role of Mentally ill King Saul, and Trump in the role of the constantly beleaguered David (whom, year upon year, Saul’s entire regency was devoted to destroying). The parallels are remarkable, including Saul’s illegitimacy in usurping the throne, which was David’s by right, and David’s self-restraint in honoring the “office” of the monarchy and declining to unseat Saul by military means or a coup.

Never forget that our American Republic lasted exactly 400 years, in parallel to the Israelite Republic, starting with the Plymouth landing and Mayflower Compact in November 1620 and ending with the Marxist coup of November 2020.

Now, no analogy is perfect, even in the parables of Christ. As a Canadian friend stated:

America’s “first 150 years we were under a dictator – er, king. During that time there was no religious freedom – you practiced the religion of your town or got jailed. They hung Quakers in Boston; one was a friend’s great grandmother in 1660. Thirty-two years later they hung his wife’s grandmother for witchcraft in Salem. You could also end up in the stocks with your neighbors pelting you with rotten vegetables if you spoke out against the government. It took you Americans 150 years to throw off the yoke (we Canucks never quite managed it.)”

Yes, BUT the Israelite Republic had its parallels to what he correctly identified in America before the revolution: interfering foreign kings, cycles of subjugation, pagan religious practices, internal tribalism and strife, including the religious kind, and even witchcraft. What defined the “republic” at its best in both timelines was not “religious freedom” but de facto bottom-up political autonomy roughly steered/regulated by biblical law, despite continual factionalism. I urge every Christian to reread Joshua through Kings with my hypothesis in mind – it will be eye-opening.

Back to my election-season prognostications, however. Here’s the downside to the Saul/David version of possible upcoming events from my millennialist perspective:

Since the David figure of the end times is actually supposed to be Christ, returning at the Second Advent to take possession of the earth and rule it from David’s throne in Jerusalem, that can’t be Trump, who’s just a flawed human man like David was. Not only is Trump NOT the Messiah, he could, in this scenario, be a false Christ – or even turn out to be thee false Christ whose identity as such would not be revealed until three and a half years into his term. Prophecy says the Antichrist will be welcomed by the unsaved world as a savior at first – performing such signs and wonders that if it were possible even the elect would be deceived – and he isn’t actually exposed as the Antichrist until the middle of his seven-year “kingdom.”

I don’t want that to be true about Trump, even in the slightest. I’m just performing my Christian due diligence on the biblical math as I perceive it.

That’s assuming Trump even makes it to the election in one piece. I’m not the only one who honestly believes the elites are evil and desperate enough to kill him to prevent his re-election. And I think a great many people on the left secretly and passionately want someone to assassinate him.

OR they’ll start World War III (with or without the accompaniment of false-flag terror attacks blamed on Russia) and then suspend the elections under martial law – like they just had Zelensky do in Ukraine – in part, perhaps, with an eye toward softening our voters toward that idea. Every day their provocations of Russia grow more blatant and consequential – again, perhaps in part to prepare the American people psychologically for the BIG ONE. Don’t forget that Ukraine is less a military battlefield in the minds of the organized crime families of the Purple Uniparty than it is the ultimate OBiden crime scene they can never allow investigators to freely roam – and I’m not just talking Burisma and the bio-weapons labs.

Or, as I’ve written about for years, they will stroke out Biden before the DNC convention to allow their committee of elites to replace him with “Big Mike” Obama – in order to put “her” husband back in the White House. “Michelle” would be nothing but Barack’s seat-warmer in the Oval Office while he runs things from the Situation Room as every anti-Trump voter would expect and prefer when they cast their ballot.

That latter option is actually the scenario I think is most likely. Barack Obama is the only man they have with the firepower to go head to head with Trump, and, frankly, he’s been my top choice for Antichrist since he first took office in 2008. I guess we’ll soon see which of these plays out – or something else entirely. In any case, there are “interesting times” on the near horizon.

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Content created by the WND News Center is available for re-publication without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact [email protected].

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