Tracking the globalist propaganda shift on COVID

In my Tuesday column last week, I predicted the elites would soon declare a “Mission Accomplished” victory over COVID as step one in their 2022 elections strategy for the U.S. (because where the U.S. goes, so goes the world, especially regarding the plandemic).

I pointed to the CDC’s quiet announcement in September 2021 to withdraw (on Dec. 31, 2021) the fraudulent PCR test they used in ’20 and ’21 to grossly inflate infection and mortality statistics, and to New York state’s sudden separation of hospitalizations “for COVID” from those “with COVID” as evidence suggesting that all the stats will be juked dramatically downward in ’22 to provide statistical “proof” of their victory as the centerpiece of a coming grand pronouncement, probably in the spring. I noted that New York has always been ground zero for the U.S. plandemic narrative and stats – in the same way Fauci has been “the face of medical science” during the entire two-year Uniparty and Big Pharma “lockdown and plunder” operation.

Later that same day in Davos, Fauci telegraphed to all the plandemic players exactly how the propaganda shift will occur. He detailed the five steps of the life of a pandemic (of which – I argue – the first three define the steps to political victory over COVID.)

These five steps are 1) Negative effect, 2) Deceleration, 3) Control, 4) Elimination, and 5) Eradication.

In short, Fauci said we’re in Phase 1 and (essentially) that Phase 3, the Control phase, amounts to victory, because control means “you have it present, but it is present at a level that does not disrupt society.”

I contend that, medically speaking, we have already reached the Control phase regarding the disease itself, and that the continuing “disruption to society” we’re experiencing is purely political and entirely orchestrated by Fauci himself and his plandemic co-conspirators.

BUT, the elites intend to stage their victory announcement and celebration for maximum political effect, and so Fauci is slow-walking his eventual admission that omicron is a big nothing-burger. His exact words for describing the “Deceleration” (transition) phase were: “It is an open question as to whether or not Omicron is going to be the live virus vaccination that everyone is hoping for, because you have such a great deal of variability with new variants emerging.” Translation to his fellow globalists: “Y’all need to shut up and wait for me to tell you when to pop the champagne corks.”

However, politicians being the opportunists that they are, it was virtually inevitable that once the plan was revealed, somebody would jump the gun to position himself at the head of the victory parade. That someone was the boorish Boris Johnson, who, like a game-show contestant on crystal meth, slapped his buzzer with lightning speed to end all COVID mask and vaccine mandates in the UK – while Fauci’s pronouncement was still echoing in that exalted chamber of the elites.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic about this sudden collapse of COVID tyranny in the land of my ancestors, just not fooled into thinking Johnson’s motive was altruism. His action is actually reminiscent of the time U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler famously (and childishly) ran to the House podium to steal the “closing argument” spotlight from Adam Schiff during the Trump impeachment farce – with Johnson playing the part of Nadler while an innumerable number of other, slower political mercenaries scowl silently from the shadows like Schiff did. And it amuses me to think Fauci and his inner circle are likely also fuming over Johnson’s insubordination.

Be that as it may, Fauci’s Davos pronouncement is confirmation to me that my prediction is on track. But, regardless of how many others follow Johnson’s lead (Ireland just followed suit) the official victory celebration will not commence until Fauci says so.

The second part of my prediction – that the elites will cause a winter-time “Great Collapse” ahead of their “Great Reset” in the spring (of which the COVID victory will be either a component or a precursor) – was bolstered by the Fed’s action raising interest rates, in turn triggering a multi-day fall in the stock market. We’ll have to see where that goes and what gets added into the “economic crisis” mix, along with the “supply chain” factors already baked in, but it’s simply a fact that nothing triggers economic panic like a stock market crash.

The third part of my prediction – that the Dems are plotting to use their $2 trillion “infrastructure” slush fund to bribe their way to victory (or a smaller loss) in the 2022 election (the same play Gavin Newsom followed to bribe his way out of getting recalled in California using stockpiled COVID relief funds) – was also bolstered by breaking news. No less a communist luminary than Sen. Pocahontas called for total forgiveness of all student loan debt as the path to restore Democratic political fortunes. That’s not a new talking point for the hard left, but its timing makes it look like a signal to the radicals and the media that the plan for ’22 is bribery. And, again, there’s no better time for corrupt politicians to be flush with vote-buying cash than in the depths of a grave economic crisis they caused and control.

I’m not suggesting that the left is giving up on voter fraud for the long term. I’m saying that voter fraud will likely be a much less important factor in this election compared to bribery. And, especially given the new public focus on voter integrity, the left might very well minimize their cheating in ’22 while everyone’s looking, as a way of “debunking” our voter fraud arguments in future elections. Never underestimate the guile of the political left!

Lets also consider that, for the hard left, 2022 will likely be more about consolidating communist control of the Democratic Party than stopping an inevitable Red Wave. The right is celebrating the large and growing list of Democrats deciding not to seek reelection this year, but many of these seats could just as easily flip from “moderate” (Ha) to communist using the bribery strategy. And the resulting dominance of full-bore Marxists in the blue party would increase the likelihood of scorched-earth civil war tactics heading toward 2024.

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