WATCH: 'Bada** grandma' teaches shoplifter a lesson he'll never forget

Elaine Gallaway confronts an alleged shoplifter at Walmart store in Campbell River, B.C., Canada, on Jan. 29, 2022. (Video screenshot)
Elaine Gallaway confronts an alleged shoplifter at Walmart store in Campbell River, B.C., Canada, on Jan. 29, 2022. (Video screenshot)

Her language may not have been pretty, but 73-year-old Elaine Gallaway is being praised for her bravery in stopping a brazen shoplifter from stealing a cartload of goods in broad daylight.

Video of the encounter is simply priceless, going viral after Saturday’s incident at the Walmart store in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada.

The grandmother was exiting the store when she confronted a man with a packed grocery cart apparently leaving without paying.

“You gonna pay for that?” a man taking video of the incident asked the purported thief.

Gallaway then personally took matters into her own hands, literally, using what she called “gut instinct” to rip off the robber’s head covering to expose his face, all the while shouting colorful language that might make a sailor blush.

“F*** off, a******! Get out!” she exclaimed. “You just jack up the price for everybody else because of you [expletives]. It’s about time they got caught!”


The culprit was able to escape without the cart, but with his bicycle and backpack.

“He was shoving roasts of beef in a backpack,” Gallaway later told Global News. “As I was walking out the door he was trying to run out with a full grocery cart of items. Then he ran into me and I said to him, ‘You coward, show your face to the camera.'”

With a desire to help the police, she said her “old training kicked in.”

“I was a bank teller for 17 years and I have been held up at gunpoint,” she told Global News. “I know that the police have said that if they get a clear view of the person then they know who the suspect is that they’re looking for.”

Meanwhile, Gallaway is getting high praise for her heroic actions.

The Bongino Report called her “Grandma of the year.”

Others comments include:

  • “If I were a millionaire, I would buy this lady a house.”
  • “Canadians kicking a** once more.”
  • “Notice grown MEN (males) standing there watching the older lady go after this thief. These “men” do NOTHING. What has happened to the men in our world? Shameful.”
  • “That bada** Grandma should be invited to CPAC.”

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