WATCH: CNN's Wolf Blitzer snaps into silent mode when confronted over bias

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer

Wolf Blitzer, a longtime fixture on CNN, has blocked a reporter’s questions about alleged misinformation and bias on the far-left network’s programs with silence.

And a terse: “No. No.” when asked if there could be a conversation.

The video is from Project Veritas:

Alicia Powe, a former WND reporter and now Project Veritas journalist, approached Blitzer while he was taking a walk in what appears to be a very wealthy neighborhood.

“We were just wondering, is Charlie Chester still employed with CNN?” she asks. “Why hasn’t CNN been suspended from Twitter for promoting misinformation.”

He says he’s on a “conference call” then rejects a request for a conversation after, telling the reporter to “Call CNN.”

But Powe continues to keep pace with the clearly hurrying Blitzer, with, “Well is Charlie Chester still employed. Because it’s just funny how if you’re promoting misinformation, you’re not banned from Twitter and you’re also sharing people’s private information without consent and you’re still not banned from Twitter right?”

Without any response, she continues:

“Charlie Chester says that CNN is pushing an anti-Trump agenda.”

“And that’s why he chose to work at CNN, is that right?”

“Wolf, is silence acceptance?”

“Why can’t we engage. I’m a journalist,  you’re a journalist. Is CNN propaganda, sir?”

“Could we just take five minutes and talk instead of run if you truly do care about being the most trusted name in news? Does that make sense?”

“Well the American people are getting propagandized about COVID ‘death ratings’ by CNN. That’s what Charlie Chester said.”

“Don’t you think you should be held accountable for promoting fear and lies?”

WND previously reported on Chester’s comments, also captured in a Project Veritas video.

He confessed that the network aired “propaganda” during President Trump’s term in office to convince voters to oppose him and bragged that he and his colleagues succeeded.

The hidden-camera expose of CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester was also published by Project Veritas.

“Look what we did, [CNN] got Trump out,” Chester said. “I am 100% going to say it, and I 100% believe that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have got voted out … I came to CNN because I wanted to be a part of that.”

Chester boasted of bringing in “medical people to tell a story that was all speculation” about Trump’s health – “that he was neurologically damaged, and he was losing it.”

Chester said: “We were creating a story there that we didn’t know anything about. That’s what — I think that’s propaganda.”

CNN’s coverage was entirely the opposite for the noticeably aging Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who repeatedly has flubbed speech lines, forgotten names, forgotten institutions such as the Defense Department and mixed up the names of his grandchildren.

For him, Chester said, “We would always show shots of him jogging and that [he’s] healthy, you know, and him in aviator shades. Like you paint him as a young geriatric.”

The next agenda item for CNN, he said, is global warming.

“They’ve already announced in our office that once the public is — will be open to it — we’re going to start focusing mainly on climate,” he said. “It’s going to be our [CNN’s] focus. Like our focus was to get Trump out of office, right? Without saying it, that’s what it was, right? So, our next thing is going to be for climate change awareness.”

See the Project Veritas video:

Chester admitted “that his network engaged in propaganda to benefit Biden’s candidacy during the 2020 election to the detriment of then-President Trump.”

He said “COVID-19 media coverage” should be coming to an end soon and the network will focus on “climate.”

After the pandemic gets “beat to death,” he said, climate change “can take years, so [CNN will] probably be able to milk that quite a bit.”

What will the message be?

Fear, Chester said.

“Fear sells,” he explained.

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