Watch scouting group members pledge allegiance with Nazi-like salute

Hezbollah fighters give the Nazi salute

Members of a Middle East-based scouting group have converted the traditional scouting salute into a replica of the Sieg Heil salute notorious for its use by Nazi adherents, a new report reveals.

It is the Palestinian Media Watch that captured the video, and posted it to see:

The individuals are at an event organized by the Palestinian Scout Association and the Fatah Movement Scout Office. It happened recently in the Maroun Al-Ras area on the border with Israel.

The individuals are pledging their faithfulness to Palestine.

A translation says they are stating: “Our Palestine, We testify before Allah and history, And we swear to you that we will sacrifice our blood to reclaim you.”

They are saluting at the time.

PMW explained, “The scout sign – or the three-finger-salute – is usually made with the three middle fingers touching the brow while the thumb and the little finger are folded and the palm faces out. However, the Palestinian scouts and their supervisors at the ceremony in Lebanon stretched their arms diagonally into the sky while making the scout sign, thus turning it into the Sieg Heil salute used by the Nazis.”

The video was part of a news item about the scouts’ event, PMW reported.

“The Nazi-like salute was made by everyone present, both the Lebanese Palestinian scouts and their supervisors. The scouts’ vow to ‘sacrifice our blood to reclaim you [Palestine],’ shows the violent politicization of the Lebanese/Palestinian branch of the international scouts youth movement,” PMW said. “A longer broadcast from the ceremony by Fatah’s Lebanese TV channel shows with even greater clarity that the Lebanese Palestinian scouts have become a political organization, misusing its scouts’ platform to indoctrinate the Lebanese Palestinian youth to seek the destruction of Israel and the ‘liberation of Palestine.'”

At the event, PMW reported, “Secretary of the Fatah Scouts Office in Lebanon Khaled Awad said, ‘As for [Israeli PM] Netanyahu, or the great stinker [former U.S. President] Trump who was uprooted and left never to return, [PA] President Abbas told them: ‘Curse the fathers of the deal of the century’ (i.e., Trump’s Middle East peace plan). May Allah’s curse be upon them to the end of time! We won’t normalize [with Israel]. We won’t be with the normalizers. The liberation of Palestine is a national and religious duty, and we will liberate it from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea, whether they like it or not.'”

In fact, President Trump had facilitated several unprecedented peace accords between Israel and some of its Arab neighbors while he was in office, calling them the Abraham Accords.

He did this essentially by ignoring the demands of the Palestinian activists, who have insisted on the destruction of Israel as key to their Middle East peace solution, and negotiating directly with other nations.

It’s not the only appearance of the Nazi sign in the Middle East. Hezbollah fighters also have been known to use it.

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