Who is really putting democracy at risk?

Democrats claim that democracy in the U.S. is at risk because their “voting rights” package did not get passed by the Senate and because of the Trump rally on Jan. 6, 2021.

Why do so many Americans continue to believe that Biden is an illegitimate president? Especially since the mainstream media keep gaslighting Americans that there was nothing wrong with the 2020 election or with the Jan 5, 2021, Senate special elections in Georgia?

Once again, Democrats and anti-Trump RINOs are deliberately trying to deflect from this issue. Here’s the key question: Did any of those battleground states implement changes to election processes, prior to Nov. 3, 2020, that were not authorized by their legislatures?

If so, those changes were unconstitutional and those states’ Electoral College votes should have been disqualified from certification on Jan. 6 – especially since estimates are that more than a third of votes in some states were cast based on the unconstitutional changes.

That was the reason for the Trump rally on Jan. 6, 2021, to bring this to the attention of Americans and Congress, not for an armed insurrection, which Democrats and Pelosi claimed as their reason to impeach Trump (a second time).

Vice President Mike Pence did not do his job by pointing out those problem states at the Jan. 6 certification and then referring such electoral votes back to those states for validation and/or disqualification.

Led by Texas, 20 states and Trump brought legal suit to the U.S. Supreme Court against seven states for violating the Constitution as the first court of jurisdiction as per that same Constitution. When a state sues another state or sues the federal government, the Constitution mandates that SCOTUS steps in as the first court of jurisdiction rather than act as an appeal court.

As the first court of jurisdiction, the Supreme Court was obligated to look at the evidence and not just precedence and legal grounds. Instead, SCOTUS ruled that those states had no standing to bring the case even though those states were harmed by unconstitutional acts by states that implemented changes without approval of their legislatures. The Supreme Court also ruled that Trump had no standing even though he clearly was harmed by these actions.

Without a ruling addressing alleged unconstitutional election changes by those states, half of Americans will continue to believe that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election and stole three Senate elections by use of unsolicited mail-out of ballots, drop boxes, no voter ID, ballot harvesting, extended voting days and hours … all without legislative approval.

And none of that includes the suspicious vote dumps in the middle of the night and claims of vote switching by election machines in several states.

Who is going to make sure that this does not happen again, especially since SCOTUS ruled that states do not have standing to enforce the rules of the Constitution on other states, and since Democrats are trying to eliminate states’ rights to run their own elections by nationalizing the rules?

Who on the Jan. 6 Pelosi committee is investigating this since all members of her committee, including the two Republicans, were chosen because they voted to impeach Trump, and any member of Congress who voted to acquit Trump was rejected for the committee?

Democracy in America is at risk because of what those states did, what SCOTUS did, the voting package that was proposed by Democrats and what this Jan. 6 committee is doing. Yet, the mainstream media and Democrats continue to lie about Jan. 6 and about the Democratic voting package.

Yes, democracy in these United States is at risk.

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