Piers Morgan: Stop this woke insanity now!

Piers Morgan (Video screenshot from Turning Point UK)

Longtime columnist and commentator Piers Morgan, who often lands on the liberal side of disagreements, now is warning that those men who say they have become women, and want to compete in women’s sports, are “destroying women’s sport altogether.”

In a column at the New York Post, he speculates about Floyd Mayweather in boxing, Usain Bolt in track or Tiger Woods in golf abruptly announcing they are women and insisting on competing against women.

“At the risk of winning myself the award for the bleeding obvious, I’ll tell you what would happen: They would annihilate every woman they competed against who was born with a female biological body, win every title, smash to smithereens all existing women’s records, and in the process, irrevocably destroy women’s sport altogether,” he explained.

He said, to his knowledge, “Mayweather, Bolt and Woods have no desire to transition into being women.”

But they could, he said, and he wants “tolerance, fairness and equality” for all.

“Nobody would go through such lengthy physical and emotional turmoil if they didn’t genuinely feel they were trapped in the wrong body and sexuality, so members of the trans community have my full support in their struggle both to be accepted and have equal rights to the rest of us,” he said.

That still doesn’t justify “those born with male biological bodies” creating a new inequality “by competing in sport against women born female.”

Following the science, transitioning from one gender to another is not possible, as being male or female is embedded in the human body down to the DNA level.

But he said that new “inequality” already is here in women’s swimming, “where trans athlete Lia Thomas is demolishing her rivals and making an absolute mockery of sporting fairness.”

He explained the 22-year-old Thomas was “mediocre” while competing in men’s swimming.

On the women’s team, however, he’s a “record-breaking phenomenon.”

Morgan calls the situation “scandalous” and said it’s continuing “because most people are simply too scared of the cancel-culture woke warriors to put their heads over the parapet and say: ‘STOP THIS INSANITY!'”

He cited the opinion from “greatest swimmer of all time” Michael Phelps, who said sports should be on an “even playing field.”

Morgan said he doesn’t blame Thomas, and he should be allowed to compete.

But, he said, “as Phelps rightly said, three times, sport HAS to be on a level playing field and currently, in the sport he loves, it’s not.”

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