Why peace with Iran is illusory: 'It's in their constitution, Stupid!'

As President Joe Biden sits on the cusp of reaching what he believes will be a foreign policy success for him, hoping to announce that a nuclear agreement has been reached with Iran, we need to understand why such a deal will ring hollow. Truly understanding the mullahs’ mindset tells us the Biden agreement smacks of the same illusion as the 1938 agreement between England’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Germany’s Adolf Hitler, supposedly achieving peace in their time – a myth quickly dispelled by the outbreak of World War II.

There are a number of realities concerning Iran’s nuclear program that are on a collision course set to dispel the myth of “peace in our time.” But peace in our time will be the message Biden endeavors to promote by announcing a return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – the deal negotiated by President Barack Obama in 2015 and from which President Donald Trump withdrew in 2018. Obama lied to the American public by claiming his deal ensured Iran’s nuclear program would remain “exclusively peaceful.” But, just like JCPOA2015 surrendered real peace for a peace mirage, so too will JCPOA2022.

There is a good reason Iran’s mullahs are excited about returning to the JCPOA2015. Despite Obama’s assurances the agreement prevented Iran from developing nuclear weapons, it did not. It only placed a temporary cap on Tehran’s nuclear activities, allowing it the opportunity to develop a nuclear weapons capability later. Nor will JCPOA2022 mend flaws left unaddressed by JCPOA22015 such as failing to ban Iran’s missile program or to stop its funding of terrorism. And, just as JCPOA2015 did in releasing the economic stranglehold on Iran placed by President George Bush, JCPOA2022 will lift the devastating sanctions Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign imposed on Tehran. Biden’s deal will also lend credibility to Iran’s current president, Ebrahim Raisi, who, along with the late Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini, orchestrated the massacre of thousands of political opponents in Iran in 1988.

U.S. Senate approval was required for JCPOA2015, which, it was later learned, contained several side deals secretly negotiated and about which the Senate had no prior knowledge. Some were absolutely ridiculous, allowing Iran to self-inspect certain locations suspected of nuclear-related activity while exempting others from some limitations. In both JCPOA2015 and JCPOA2022, the principle made famous by President Ronald Reagan in 1987 in negotiating deals with the Soviet Union, “Trust but verify,” was abandoned. And, while Obama submitted JCPOA2015 for Senate approval, Biden has not yet agreed to submit JCPOA2022 to the Senate, despite such a mandate for treaties.

Meanwhile, the converging realities about Tehran’s nuclear program and intentions making a peaceful Iran under the control of the mullahs impossible. Consider:

1. More so than any other nation, Israel closely monitors Iran’s advancements as it endeavors to achieve a nuclear weapons capability. Israel has already demonstrated a phenomenal ability to gather intelligence on such matters through every means possible, direct or indirect. It closely monitors Tehran’s “breakout” capability – a term referring to the estimated time it will take for Iran to produce sufficient weapons-grade enriched uranium fuel to create a single nuclear weapon. Israel’s intelligence helps it establish a “red line” that will then drive its actions to negate a nuclear threat. It has a track record for doing so, evidenced against Iraq in 1981 and against Syria – the latter acting on Iran’s behalf to build a nuclear facility – in 2007.

2. Despite the mullahs’ assertion their nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes – a position taken in accordance with the deceptive Islamic practice of “taqiyya,” empowering Muslims to lie to non-Muslims concerning their real objectives – there should be no doubt what Iran’s true intentions are. While Iran has undertaken numerous efforts to conceal the truth, such as claiming a blast at a nuclear silo was an earthquake, grading soil around facilities to avoid detection, etc., development of nukes is part of its master plan to achieve Islam’s global domination.

3. International agreements are simply used by Iran to achieve later what it cannot achieve sooner. Despite signing the 1968 Nonproliferation Agreement in 1970 by which Tehran promised not to “manufacture or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons” and which it honored until the mullahs came to power in 1979, its efforts to pursue this goal will be pursued even should the end result destroy Iran. This message was declared by Supreme Leader Khomeini, dismissing concerns about destructive retaliatory consequences against Iran for its first use of nuclear weapons: “We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah. For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let Iran go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.”

4. The West foolishly applies the “reasonable man” test to Iran, rationalizing that peace is always preferable to war. This ignores Iran’s driving religious ambition that Islam should rule the world. This is not a new vision; it has been the goal of Muslims for 1,400 years. And Iran’s determination to see if fulfilled has been made abundantly clear with nine words from an English translation of the preamble of its own constitution. These words tell us that Iran’s Army and Revolutionary Guard not only have a domestic mission – protecting the country’s borders – but also an extraterritorial one, “fulfilling the ideological mission of jihad in God’s way; that is, extending the sovereignty of God’s law throughout the world [emphasis added].”

5. Finally, going back to Israel’s concerns about a nuclear-armed Iran, a leading cleric recently reminded his people “one of the main goals of the Islamic revolution has always been the annihilation of the Zionist regime,” which is an absolute “precondition” for Islam’s global domination to follow.

American contract law mandates for an agreement to exist, there must be a “meeting of the minds” between parties. Such a mandate will never exist with Iran’s mullahs whose sinister intentions lie in subjecting the world to Islamic rule, achieving it by any means possible including nuclear war. Agreements are therefore meaningless. One need only look to the fact not one single international agreement exists to which the mullahs have adhered. As Forrest Gump, hoping to dispell the West’s naive and illusionary belief that peace with Iran is at all possible, would tell us in his simplistic way about the sinister intent of their ideology, “It’s in their constitution, Stupid.”

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