Yes, we have skin-color problems, but they're not what you think

It sickens me every time I hear some pompous, dead-from-the-neck-up, blathering meathead pontificate about America needing a conversation on race – Not least of which is because of the crescive burlesque of stupidity heralded as “wokeism.” By the way, usage of the word “woke” is an invective of condemnation demonstrating how undeniably ignorant those laying claim to such a label are in reality.

The idea that America needs a discussion on race is asinine for a plethora of reasons, including that it isn’t meant to be helpful. It would amount to nothing more than an evening of false accusations and jeremiads claiming ills that are purely psychosomatic.

That’s my assessment before I point out there’s no such thing as “race.” It’s one of those fallacious verbal constructs that have absurdly been given credibility in the lexicon. Race is a fallacious construct invented by the social-Darwinists to give validation to the lie of evolution, the fact that heathens use skin color as a pernicious form of mercantile notwithstanding. But, I digress.

That said; America does have skin-color problems. In fact, they are the two-ton gorilla in the center of a 7 x 9 foot room people pretend not to see. The skin color problems are those people who place the primacy of their existence upon being a crayon color; specifically the black crayon color.

It’s the Titanic in an unclean pissoir on a swelteringly hot day. It doesn’t just smell badly; the Titanic clearly doesn’t fit in the space it’s trying to occupy, which leaves sane persons asking, what are the crayon-color people trying to accomplish?

Shouldn’t they take a more subtle, reasoned approach in their attempt to manufacture complaints than claiming that bathroom soap dispensers are evidence of “systematic racism”?

Low-watt light bulbs masquerading as students attending UCLA exemplify one of the reasons skin-color based affirmative action, as a consideration for college admission, should be restricted to colleges that teach cutting out paper dolls. Crayon-color students at UCLA are so desperate for attention that they’re offering as evidence for “systematic racism” the fact that bathroom soap dispensers don’t dispense soap every time they are expected to do so. Of course, to these geniuses suffering from inculcated inferiority, the reason must be because they’re black. It couldn’t possibly be because the PIR infrared sensor device is malfunctioning, and if it weren’t for the newly resurrected segregated dormitories these people demanded, they would see the soap dispensers are a pain-in-the-backside malfunctioning piece of equipment for everyone, regardless of melanin content. But they’ve deprived themselves of that because they have rejected both diversity and modernity. Sarcasm intended.

America indeed has a skin-color problem when those with high levels of melanin are rewarded carte blanche with brand new homes after they set fire to their neighborhoods. I can tell you that in the neighborhood I live in, not only would there be no free replacement housing for torching the neighborhood, but there would be people in jail for committing such diabolical acts. Oh, but wait; that’s right! My family and I live in what the crayon-color people call a “white suburb.” My bad.

America does have a skin-color problem when those who treat being a crayon color as summum bonum.

Add to the above: What America really has is a fear problem. America is afraid to point out that these people who equate being a crayon color with dignity, spent the time shooting and killing one another on the very day they were rewarded with a sham national holiday – Juneteenth, the day the last slaves were freed in Texas.

I submit at the rate these people were shooting and killing one another on the occasion of celebrating their new national holiday, looking forward, their holiday will do more for the funeral industry than it will for the hotdogs, hamburgers and ribs business.

America is afraid to point out that it is spectacularly immoral to continue to produce out-of-wedlock children before the mothers of same can afford a pizza. Then, when the children who were not killed by another “brotha” in the hood or not serving most of their yet-to-be-lived adult life in prison for crime, we’re subjected to musicians and athletes worth tens to hundreds of millions of dollars complaining how hard it was for their “mammas” to raise them – as if we were responsible for their mother’s lack of behavioral propriety.

America needs a conversation on skin color, but not the one the skin-color pimps and prostitutes want. We don’t need a national conversation to promote lies about how badly white people supposedly treat blacks. We need a conversation about blacks embracing propriety and modernity. An even more corrective conversation would be about the need for God-called, Spirit-filled men committed to Jesus Christ to take Him into neighborhoods instead of painting murals of drug-addicted hoodlums like George Floyd.

America doesn’t have the guts to have that conversation; but I do.

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