1-party rule: Is it coming to America?

In their 1969 hit song “The Boxer,” Simon and Garfunkel tell the tale of a fighter who “carries the reminders of every glove that laid him down or cut him, ’til he cried out in his anger and his shame, ‘I am leaving, I am leaving,’ but the fighter still remains.”

Any boxer, determined to become a champion, knows the price to be paid – facing many challengers, similarly committed, whom he will have to defeat along the way to grab top honors. It is a brutal process one endures to climb the ladder of success.

But what if there were another option? What if there were a way to take the title, not by having to fight these opponents in the ring, but by simply getting them eliminated from competing? As ridiculous as this sounds, this is exactly what is happening – not in the boxing ring but in the political arena where a serious battle concerning free speech and voting rights is playing out.

One would never have thought such a free-speech battle were possible just a few years ago, yet today we are seeing efforts to silence conservative voices. The social media have already been doing this. But, still not content, Democrats now seek to eliminate their opponents in the form of conservative networks criticizing liberal agendas from the cable companies. Just like the absence of competitive bouts ultimately denies a fighter the opportunity to become the best he can be, the same is true about the agenda Democrats promote when it is their voice alone that is heard. It effectively gives rise to a one-party system able to push through its own agenda.

In a one-party system, accuracy and truth concerning legislative impact become immediate victims. As the only party in town with a voice, party members can take to the air waves promoting, unchallenged, legislation, the dark side about which will never be heard. Like a car salesman only touting the positives about his vehicle since no one is there to advise a customer about the negatives, Democrats seek a similar marketing environment. We are already getting a taste of this as Democrats currently control the Oval Office along with both the House and (via Vice President Kamala Harris) the Senate.

With a liberal agenda being jammed down our throats with no discussion, as Biden has done with dozens of executive orders, we are witnessing an America in turmoil. Democrats, with little accountability already, now seek to eliminate any need to address conservative objections. This comes on top of legislation, like H.R. 1, misnamed “For the People Act,” proposed by Democrats and seeking to federalize state voting laws. In a nutshell, H.R. 1 memorializes the voter chaos that marred the 2020 presidential election, ensuring the fluke contest that brought Joe Biden to office is repeated. It will cement presidential wins for Democrats for years to come.

Sadly, America has fallen under the spell of a Democratic leadership that values power above preserving our republic. Voters, under the influence of a group of political scam artists, are unwittingly being lured into establishing a one-party rule government.

Democrats have made little effort to hide their true agenda for 21st century America. By silencing one’s political opposition and implementing voting laws that will guarantee future election wins by a single party, Democrats will have created a one-party system any autocrat would envy. No dictator could ask for anything more!

A boxer, unable to hone his fighting skills due to non-existent challengers, eventually will no longer resemble the seasoned fighter he once was. Similarly, an America, where political opposition is silenced under the one-party rule Democrats so desperately seek, eventually will no longer resemble the flagship republic she once was.

Interestingly, the Simon and Garfunkel song above includes a plaintive refrain, “lie-la-lie,” perhaps suggesting the existence of an underlying untruth in life. At the song’s end, the refrain is repeated a total of 63 times. As Democrats continue to push the “lie-la-lie” they support our republic, hopefully that refrain will reverberate in the minds of voters going to the polls in the next election.

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