3 realities to know as we battle BS Inc.

When BS reaches a certain level, the only way to survive is by treading … BS. On the positive side of this story, someone sees our plight, stops to rescue us and we survive – to breathe free, fresh air another day. On the other side of that story, no one shows up to help us and we eventually succumb to a smelly, sinking and ignoble ending – one where we sink into the morass around us and become part of the problem.

Don’t become part of the problem.

BS Inc.’s purveyors of this liquefied death are many and varied. What they share is disdain for the truth in all its forms. In fact, they fear any attempt to investigate and determine the truth, because that effort may undermine the world they are constructing – knowingly or not – which is built on lies for the rest of us to live by.

In their calcified minds, the ideology they subscribe to and depend upon to “explain” their world is the only one that can “save” the world. Therefore, other viewpoints are a threat to their role as “masters of the universe.” Purveyors of other viewpoints must be silenced, deplatformed and preferably destroyed by angry mobs of followers who want only what they want and have no knowledge of any other way. This is free thought under the tutelage of America’s public schools.

Of course, anyone who has washed up on the beach from the Sea of Oneness and strayed into an alternative media tributary knows this. What they want to know but don’t know is how to change it. Here are some keys:

First, change is not only possible, it is already happening. Look at the Nov. 3 election audits. Look at the growing boldness of those who are speaking out. Look at the states following Arizona’s lead.

Second, all of us are going to be forced to take sides in this conflict. You will either fight to restore human freedom, or you will work to crush it, which has always been the end game of the principalities that are waging this war using human cannon fodder.

Third, while all of us see the casualties of this war around us, the principalities and powers conducting it remain invisible to most of us. Ezekiel describes it this way: “… thou dwellest in the midst of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not …” (Ezekiel 12:2).

There is only One who can open the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf. The enemy plays a long game, but so does the Creator. If victory were dependent upon America’s churches, this nation would already be roasting on Satan’s spit.

The churches that victory depends upon are the ones that nobody sees outside the realm of the Spirit. In that sense, we are once again operating inside First Century Christianity. Rome ruled the world, and the Christian Church born at Pentecost had nowhere to turn but to God. Perhaps the biggest mistake of our enlightened world is that we ever left the First Century Church.

Reconnaissance: The Creator Returns, at craigemcmillan.com.

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