A shameless betrayal of Texas children

The Bible declares, “God created man … male and female” (Genesis 1:27 KJV). It states, “Know ye that the LORD … hath made us, and not we ourselves” (Psalm 100:3). Transgenderism “change[s] the truth of God into a lie” (Romans 1:25). “Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! … Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou?” (Isaiah 45:9-12).

Texas has 17 children’s gender clinics. It is legal to sterilize and mutilate children through sex-change drugs, hormones and surgeries. Ninety-five percent of Texas Republican primary voters supported banning these procedures. Forty-three corporate giants opposed any ban.

Many elected Republicans in Texas serve Big Business’ money instead of their constituents. With calculated duplicity this legislative session, they publicly supported child protection legislation, knowing bills would never come up for a House vote. Republican House Speaker Dade Phelan assigned every House and Senate children’s transgender bill to the same committee. Its Republican chairwoman, Rep. Stephanie Klick, killed four of them. The fifth, along with the transgender athlete bill, was purposely stalled past voting deadlines by Speaker Phelan and the Republican Calendars Committee Chairman, Dustin Burrows. Instead of demanding that the House vote on these bills, Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick remained silent. Abbott did not include legislation banning transgender sex-change drugs, hormones and surgeries for children in the special session that he called this month.

Political action committees affiliated with the Southwest’s largest children’s gender clinic, in Dallas, and a Rio Grande gender clinic catering to transgender illegal immigrants have given:

Greg Abbott: $885,000
Dan Patrick: $945,000
Dade Phelan: $155,000
Stephanie Klick: $4,000
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton: $200,000

(See campaign finance data website, Transparency USA, under individual candidates, Border Health PAC and Friends of UT Southwestern Medical Center Texas PAC.)

The Bible warns:

“Take no gift: for the gift … pervert[s] the ways of judgment” (Exodus 23:8; Proverbs 17:23).

“Woe unto them … which justify the wicked for reward” (Isaiah 5:22,23; Micah 7:3).

“It was a very strong session for Republicans and …. Texas business,” Patrick boasted in a television interview.

Texas children’s body parts were shamelessly sold “for reward” to Texas businesses.

Michael W. Ellis

Sleep well … not!

How can you report stories like these; your stories are false. You are one of the problems we’re having with vaccines. Remember when you rest your head on your pillow at night all the people that haved died due to your stupid conspiracy theories!

Viola Martinez

Inflation nation

[Regarding: “Economists and ‘media enablers’ getting inflation ‘backwards'”] Out of control government spending, printing, budget busting, creating dollars out of thin air by the trillions and distributed freely without the recipient producing tangible stuff, puts more money into more hands to buy more stuff that workers somewhere were paid wages to make, but not enough to satisfy the demand caused by the distribution of free money.

That inflation is caused by your government’s attempt to buy social equity with a tsunami of dollars not earned from producing goods or services. Fake dollars, fake wealth, fake prosperity, fake stock market and fake economy … all fade to reality when no amount of paper dollars can be traded for a loaf of bread, or anything else of value.

Tom Kyser

Thank God for WND

[To Joseph Farah:] I just read part of the article on the alleged government coverup on “vaccine” deaths. You may not remember me, but we sat together at a table during the Houston Area Pastor Council annual gala a few years ago. You were our guest speaker. WND also published a couple of articles of mine in the past. I thank God for you and the WND staff, and will continue to pray for you all.

Rev. M.L. Johnson

This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

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