America's ingrates get poetic justice

If several recent developments were not acts of God – a God saddened to see an America straying far off the beaten path of tolerance, common sense and love of the least-imperfect nation in an imperfect world – perhaps our Founding Fathers have banded together “up there” to play a role in giving those, ungrateful for the country we are blessed to have, a dose of poetic justice. Some outcomes should reasonably have been expected; others perhaps not.

1. George Floyd, the black suspect who died while resisting arrest in May 2020 and for whose death a police officer was later convicted of murder, has been memorialized in numerous ways. He became only the third person to be buried in a Promethean golden casket (the others being Michael Jackson and James Brown), valued at around $25,000. In June of this year, just outside the city hall in Newark, New Jersey, a 700-pound bronze statue of him was unveiled. That same month, a mural was dedicated to him in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the site of his death. The gold casket, the statue and the mural were all unwarranted for Floyd based on the life he had lived. While a number of complications contributed to his death (including heart disease, hypertension and being positive for SARS-CoV-2 as well as his fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine usage), Floyd would still be alive today had he not resisted arrest. His actions that day, plus his long criminal record, made him an unworthy candidate to be so honored, especially at a time statues of real heroes (from our Founding Fathers to Jesus Christ) are targeted by ingrate cancel culture activists. Ironically, the month following the Floyd mural dedication, it was reduced to rubble by a lightning strike.

2. In July, Texas Democrat legislators left the state for Washington, D.C., to avoid a mandatory quorum for a special session because the Republican majority sought to pass sweeping reform bills aimed at restoring election integrity. Jumping on board their plane, joyfully taking photos of their stunt for public consumption, the legislators acted irresponsibly in failing to perform their elected duties. Their effort to do so did not go without penalty. Not only did Texas Governor Greg Abbott dock their pay and promise to arrest them upon their return (one warrant has already been issued), but the disappearing act became a superspreader event in which many legislators contracted COVID-19. Staying in a luxury Washington hotel, Texas legislators are now soliciting “care packages” from supporters. Additionally, they had headed to Washington planning on being rewarded with a meeting with President Joe Biden who, surprisingly, refused to meet with them.

3. The U.S. women’s soccer team, which had embarrassed our country by failing to stand for and honor the flag in prior international competitions and was favored to sail through the Olympics to take the gold medal, was humiliated, losing its opening match to Sweden, 3-0. The team immediately was ridiculed by those they had angered, suggesting the team should have focused more on practice and less on social activism. Not only did the women’s team lose in soccer, but it also lost its lawsuit in court claiming unequal pay compared to the men’s team. The judge ruled that the women’s complaint stemmed from exercising their own bad judgment. Free to negotiate the same deal the men had, they had been unwilling to accept it when offered, hedging their bets by negotiating a different deal.

4. Pro-Islamist, anti-U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) led a congressional call for a U.S. special envoy to combat Islamophobia. Her call is hypocritical as she has long been guilty of making inflammatory comments about Israel as well as the U.S. She also ignores the one religious group most victimized by hate crimes in the U.S. – one obviously of no concern to her – Jews. The difference is significant, with the FBI reporting Jews are three times more likely to be targeted. Meanwhile, we learn in London’s Hyde Park, a public platform exists for all to speak. While Muslims freely utilize it, Jews who do so are violently attacked. Additionally, two Muslim Olympic competitors refused, exactly for reasons of Islam’s deep-seated anti-Semitism, to participate in judo matches against Jewish opponents. Do not expect Omar to call for the appointment of a U.S. envoy to combat hate crimes against both Muslims and Jews.

5. Under Biden, we have seen Democrats push their socialist agenda. It is interesting that at the time the clarion call for socialism has never been louder in America, Cuba – a country long serving as socialism’s “poster child” – is in the throes of social unrest. The Cuban people seek to cast off the dictatorial bonds that have constrained them for six decades, attesting to what history has taught us: socialism never works.

6. Last year, in the aftermath of Floyd’s death, various cities around the country called for defunding police and proceeded to do so. It should not have taken a rocket scientist to assess what impact this would have, especially as mental-midget defunding activists wanted law enforcement to be “reimagined.” Their naïve alternative was to toss social workers and trained mental health counselors (unarmed) into the fray. As the defund police movement gained ground, creating a law enforcement vacuum, criminals (surprise, surprise) filled the void. Now criminals feel brazen enough even to act in broad daylight, as recently experienced by former Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Ca), 80, who was robbed in Oakland. A year later, many of these same cities now look to refund the police.

In training to make an effective presentation, it is claimed the holy grail of doing so is a bit of overkill – first telling listeners what you are going to tell them; next telling them; and then telling them what you have told them. Our history has been a constant telling of these first two steps which have taught us the importance of tolerance, common sense and a sense of patriotism – elements necessary for a moral society to conduct itself in a civil manner for the common good. However, the above six actions and corresponding results suggest a “Force” is now at work trying to tell us what we had already been told.

But are the ingrates listening?

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