Biden and Obama: The stooge and the puppetmaster

This morning I was reading in my Bible from the Old Testament book of Micah. Chapter 2, verse 1, states: “Woe to them that devise iniquity, work evil upon their beds! When the morning is light, they practice it, because it is in the power of their hand.” (KJV)

The point the prophet Micah was making in the aforementioned verse is that wicked/evil people plot their skullduggery and plan it out under the cover of night or in privacy, and then they put their evil plans into action in the light of morning, or better stated, they put their dastardly plans into action in the light of day.

They live their life by the corrupt Erebusic philosophy of: “Might makes right.” This brings me to Joe Biden.

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By all quantifiable accounts, Biden has never been more than a bottom-rung plagiarist, cheat, pernicious calumniator and, even from the mouths of his friends and political colleagues who could stomach him, a dolt – at best someone who was fun to hang out with, get drunk and chase women around a bar.

Biden never grew up, i.e., matured, in a way that he could honorably represent the voters, some of whom actually believed his political rhetoric. But, he had a gift for exploiting his lack of character for political and financial gain – which is pretty amazing considering who it is we’re talking about. Which brings me back to my opening paragraph.

Of Biden’s many corrupt and contradictory positions and flip-flops, none is more stark in contrast than the union of Biden and Chicago’s legendary bathhouse and backseat limousine sodomist.

Of all the things Biden has been known for supporting, none is more public than, as Dan O’Donnell wrote Aug. 20, 2020, “Joe Biden’s Six Decades of Racism.”

Biden has been little more than a vote in the pocket of whoever paid the most or offered the best quid pro quo. Even at that, he was essentially small time. But, then he somehow harnessed himself to Barack Obama.

Homosexual bathhouses and backseat limousine rendezvouses weren’t the only things Obama was known for when he and Biden teamed up. He was also known as a rabid Alinskyite, Marxist, Israel/Jew hater and revolutionist.

On Biden’s history of overt racism. O’Donnell wrote: “In his run for president, Joe Biden [was] being heralded as a champion for equality and racial justice, but his long career in politics directly contradict[ed] this, as it has been marked and ultimately defined by six straight decades of segregationist policies, hostility towards minority communities, and outright racism.”

Biden is well-known as a womanizer and an accused sexual molester who is rumored to have much more than a casual interest in underage little girls – a trait he has exhibited publicly countless times.

But, Biden is not smart; he simply excelled at being a cheap two-bit political con and braggart, who was bigoted and racist. So what was it that Obama saw that brought about this unholy union?

I’m far from the only person who supports the allegations that Biden is Obama’s sock-puppet. It’s clear that Biden has amassed a fortune in his time being used by Obama – much more than he amassed in his entire political life, before he was gifted to Obama.

As I’ve noted, these kind are evil and wicked. They plot under cover of darkness and seclusion their demonic plans and machinations – then execute them in the public view; and they do it without penalty. But, back to Biden and Obama.

Was Biden the only one willing to sell his soul to the devil for the financial gains he has amassed being a stooge, i.e., the front person, for Obama to achieve his third term? Was Biden the only one Obama could control? Was Biden the only one willing to act the role he now plays? Is/was Biden the only one willing to betray America and Israel on the scale Obama wants?

I know my suggestions may seem a bit speculative, but they cease to be same when we examine the backgrounds of Biden and Obama. Also, when we examine closely just how the political game is being played, there’s something afoot that doesn’t pass muster.

I’ve a colleague who has insisted from Obama’s first term that Biden was in place as vice president to keep Obama in check. I’ve never agreed in toto with my colleague’s theory. I do, however, agree that these two working together in a secretive, yet obvious way, cannot be dismissed.

There’s no scenario in which I can see Obama not hating Biden’s guts and vice versa. However, if Obama needed a stooge or fall guy who is greedy enough to betray We the People, our country and our strongest ally, then Biden is the person. If you need another war to start to further your ambitions to enrich Hezbollah and Hamas – then Biden is your guy.

He’s weak, greedy, not very smart, easily manipulated and willing to play the role while the real ringmaster manipulates things from the shadows.

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Content created by the WND News Center is available for re-publication without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact [email protected].

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