Biden responding to border crisis with plans to fire thousands of patrol agents

Joe Biden triggered a crisis at the southern border by canceling President Trump’s security efforts there, the construction of a wall, the requirement that asylum-seekers wait in Mexico until their court hearings were held, and more.

The result was a well-heard message to the world that America’s border was open and those reaching it could count on the benefits the nation provides.

The result was a flood of hundreds of thousands arriving in a constant stream.

Now, the president is presuming to address that problem by dismissing thousands of Customs and Border Patrol agents.

The Free Beacon revealed nearly one in five CBP members “have not received a COVID-19 vaccine.”

And that puts thousands of critically needed employees “in line for termination as the Biden administration struggles to secure the border.”

Internal documents reviewed by the Beacon said some 18% of the workforce still need COVID shots, “meaning about 12,000 employees risk losing their jobs if they do not receive a religious or medical exemption by Nov. 22.”

The Free Beacon explained the significance of the issue: “The vaccination push comes as CBP faces strained resources in managing the immigration crisis on the southern border. As a record number of illegal immigrants attempt to cross into the United States, agents on the ground say they lack the manpower to patrol designated areas. Meanwhile, agents who process migrants with asylum claims are working in facilities frequently beyond maximum capacity.”

Among the actual border agents, the number who could be removed adds up to about 5,000, the report said.

“There are just a lot of agents who are refusing to get the vaccine,” an agent on the southern border told the Free Beacon, on condition he not be identified. “There’s a 50/50 chance they’re all just going to get fired or placed on leave without pay. The union is involved, but not sure there is much for them to stand on.”

Biden revealed in September a government-wide effort to require all employees to take the experimental shots.

“We can’t lose anybody and expect to secure the border. So we do believe this vaccine mandate—while we will encourage people to get vaccinated, we fully support the individual’s right to choose what they put in their body, especially as the ‘science’ changes so often,” explained Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council.

Meanwhile, Fox News reported that CBP officials have told supervisors they must “push” their crews to take the shots – or face discipline themselves.

“In an Oct 30 email, obtained by Fox News, CBP references the Sept. 9 executive order by President Biden which mandates that all federal employees be fully vaccinated by Nov. 22,” the report explained.

That warned, “Pursuant to this requirement, all U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) supervisors are ordered to have a discussion with each of their employees (direct reports).”

The workers are to be told to upload their vaccination reports, and failing that will produce consequences for them.

Fox News reported former acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan believes that the fact the agency is having to push supervisors to get workers to accept the shot shows the Biden mandate is a “colossal failure.”

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