Can we do better than Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy?

Now we know that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell fell for the “insurrection” play by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Jan. 6, 2021.

They were complicit in being duped by one of the biggest lies and most dangerous moments in recent American history.

Do these two deserve to become speaker of the House and Senate majority leader when Republicans take majorities in the House and Senate on Nov. 8, 2022?

No. Absolutely not.

What we know now is that both of them were fooled by the Jan. 6 charade perpetrated by the Democrats. This included the outrageous death of Ashli Babbitt and the chaos caused by the FBI and the Deep State. They believed the deceit of the Democrats that Capitol policeman Brian Sicknick was another victim of the mayhem that day, though he died of natural causes. They believed that all of this was caused by President Donald Trump.

Today it’s apparent to most people that it was an elaborate set-up staged to blame Trump and his followers for the high crimes by others, with the aftermath including a handful of innocent people who have been systematically deprived of a right to a speedy trial and held in jail WITHOUT CHARGES FOR A YEAR – a shocking deprivation of human rights.

That was what Jan. 6 was.

It was a sham, a rouse, a dangerous provocation to convince us the election of 2020 was not rigged, not stolen – but rather the “most secure in American history.”

People like McCarthy and McConnell have shamed themselves. They are dupes.

McCarthy and McConnell cannot be trusted to lead again.

A tape aired recently of a House Republican Leadership call of Jan. 10, 2011, has McCarthy stating: “I’ve had it with this guy,” referring to Trump. “What he did is unacceptable. Nobody can defend that, and nobody should defend it.”

I don’t know how he walks that back.

Unless he adamantly pledges himself to support Trump, admit he was fooled then and vows to fully support his political agenda and all MAGA candidates, he should not hang on to leadership. There are many better-qualified candidates – like Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio.

McCarthy agreed with Rep. Liz Cheney that Trump should step down! His comment about the president, “I’ve had it with this guy,” is so disrespectful and ridiculous.

There’s more.

“I’m seriously thinking of having that conversation with [Trump] tonight. I haven’t talked to him in a couple days,” McCarthy tells Cheney, then-the No.3 House Republican, and other top party leaders during the call. “But what I think I’m going to do, is I’m going to call him. This, this is what I think, we know that it’ll pass the House. I think there’s a chance it’ll pass the Senate, even when he’s gone.”

McCarthy was talking about pushing for Trump to resign in the face of a possible swift impeachment effort to remove him from office. He had previously denied ever pushing the president to resign. But then we heard the tape.

Mitch McConnell, for so many reasons, should not stay on for another minute after the election of 2022. First or all, he’s a security threat. He and his wife, Elaine Chao, are deep in bed with China and have been for years. Via his super PAC, he’s given $7 million to Lisa Murkowski, the wimp of a senator, in her reelection bid, while the Alaska Republican Party endorses Kelly Tshibaka, who is backed by Trump.

McConnell hates Trump.

When it was clear to him that Democrats would use Jan. 6 against conservatives, he agreed with Democrats that Trump should be impeached.

“The Democrats are going to take care of the son of a bitch for us,” McConnell purportedly said. “If this isn’t impeachable, I don’t know what is.”

McConnell, who used the media’s framing to characterize Jan. 6 as a “violent insurrection,” conveyed he would support Trump’s impeachment in the Senate. “Several senior Republicans, including John Thune of South Dakota and Rob Portman of Ohio, told confidants that Mr. McConnell was leaning that way.” Even though it was reported by the New York Times, I believe it.

The articles of impeachment were soon sent to the Senate, where the debate began between the Washington establishment and conservatives. Defenders of the president maintained the impeachment trial was inappropriate because Trump was no longer president. Biden had already assumed office.

Upon that argument, Sen. Rand Paul, the junior senator from Kentucky, submitted a motion to Senate Republicans raising “the question of whether it is constitutional to impeach Trump after he left office.” Forty-five senators voted in favor of Paul’s motion, including McConnell.

Trump was later acquitted of all House charges by a vote of 57 to 43; seven Senate Republicans voted with the Democrats to impeach him. Two-thirds, or 67 votes, were needed for conviction.

After Trump’s acquittal, McConnell reportedly divulged to a friend he voted in favor of defending Trump because he needed to keep his job as GOP Senate leader. “I didn’t get to be leader by voting with five people in the conference,” McConnell said.

Trump’s acquittal and continued popularity among Republicans has forced McConnell to lie low and only infrequently comment about the Democrats’ impeachment trial. But when asked on Fox News in February of 2021 if he would support Trump if he were the 2024 Republican nominee, McConnell said he would.

“Absolutely,” McConnell answered.

On April 7, McConnell was questioned by fellow establishment member Jonathan Swan, an Axios reporter, about why Republicans “hate” him so much.

“My job is not to run up political popularity nationally,” McConnell responded. “I’m not running for anything nationally.”

Yeah, and he’s not up for reelection – this year!

But we can better – much better. The new class of Republicans need to show him to the door as majority leader in 2022.

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