Colorado gets sued for refusing access to public records

The Public Interest Legal Foundation has gone to federal court to sue the Colorado secretary of state, Jena Griswold, for refusing to allow inspection of public voter list maintenance records as required by the National Voter Registration Act.

“Colorado is hiding voter list maintenance documents the public is legally entitled to,” explained PILF President J. Christian Adams. “Elections must be free and transparent for Americans to trust their results. Secretary Griswold and ERIC are blocking transparency and violating federal law.”

The action charges that Griswold is failing to allow inspection of voter records, including data the state gets from the Electronic Registration Information Center.

The secretary of state claims the state cannot provide these records because of the federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act and other laws governing the Social Security death file. Colorado’s membership agreement with ERIC also prohibits member states from disclosing records that are public documents under the NVRA, PILF explained.

“The need for transparency is ever more important because ERIC has a history of inaccuracy when it comes to identifying ineligible registrants. Even liberal groups have criticized ERIC. Barbara Arnwine, the former executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, reportedly stated, ‘ERIC should be called ERROR because it’s that erroneous and that full of flaws,'” PILF said.

Colorado and dozens of other states and the District of Columbia outsource the maintenance of voter rolls to a non-profit organization called ERIC. ERIC regularly provides the Colorado secretary of state with reports showing which registered voters are no longer eligible due to death and relocation. The NVRA says that all records used to add and remove voters are public records. Yet, Secretary of State Griswold denied the foundation’s request to inspect the reports ERIC provides to her office, PILF noted.

The accuracy of voter lists has become more and more significant, especially in light of the challenges to the accuracy of the 2020 election when millions of new voters suddenly appeared on the vote totals in an election that investigations show likely was influenced by Mark Zuckerberg’s contribution of $420 million to various leftist often to recruit voters from Democrat areas, as well as the legacy and social media’s conspiracy to suppress negative, and accurate, reporting about the Biden family enterprises just before the election.

Further, various officials simply overturned state election laws during the processing of the votes.

WND reported just before the 2020 election when an independent analysis revealed nearly 350,000 dead people still on the voter lists in 42 states, and “tens of thousands more voters with duplicate registrations.

The findings came from the Public Interest Legal Foundation, which is running the “Safeguarding America’s Votes and Elections” database as a tool to track voter roll problems.

Adams at that time warned of the dangers of mail-in ballots, which were expanded massively in the 2020 election.

PILF reported during the 2018 election, there were nearly 38,000 duplicate registrants who cast two votes from the same address, and 34,000 who voted from non-residential addresses.

Records uncovered found that there were 1,500 voters who were born in the 1800s, making them in excess of 120 years old.

Other voters were registered to be living in an abandoned mine, or at vacant lots, or in a casino.

Other states already have been sued over various voter roll issues, including Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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