Compassion for thee and not me?

I read a sad story in the Washington Examiner about Courtney Porter, a 23-year-old American sitting on a wall in front of the San Diego Convention Center last week with a backpack and carry-on suitcase.

He looked dejected while sifting through a sheaf of papers that listed several local homeless shelters. A phone call to each one resulted in the same answer: “I’m sorry, we’re full.”

“They said, ‘I can get you some food, but you can’t sit here. You can go to the park or the beach,'” he said.

He chose the seaside convention center, unaware that it had housed more than 600 homeless until the final person left March 24. Three days later, the homeless were replaced by 500 migrant girls flown in from Texas. Hundreds more arrive every few days.

“Biden signed an $86 million deal to house immigrants, but they can’t get people like me off the street,” he said. “We just don’t know how to leave third-world countries alone.”

He’s right! Why is Joe Biden putting poor people from foreign countries first rather than Americans? It makes no sense on any level – except to flood the zone with programmed Democratic voters.

At the same time, they’re trying to make us forget the freedom of our forefathers. Through manipulation of the U.S. economy, the 15 months of extended lockdowns and closed schools is programming a sizable proportion of ordinary Americans.

Back at the convention center in San Diego the news was getting worse for Courtney Porter. Who’s getting preference for an in-person education? Hundreds of girls arrive in San Diego daily. Teachers may not want to teach American school kids, but they’re happy to volunteer to teach migrants with a 10% rate of COVID-19 infections.

Who’s the priority in this age of Biden – homeless Americans or migrants from Mexico? American students or Mexican students? Who’s the priority for health and safety – Americans or Mexicans?

Why is it that we can do anything for foreigners but not for Americans? We have a documented 500,000 homeless in California in tent cities. Yet we’re putting up Mexicans and other foreigners at hotels for $86 million. It will cost much more if we get 250,000 migrants next month as we did in March.

This is not a mistake. This is not a blunder. This is not a case of Joe Biden muddling along like he does in one of his incoherent speeches.

No, this is part of a plan. It’s part of a design. It’s part of a blueprint – not a Joe Biden blueprint but his masters, his overlords, his honchos.

We don’t usually talk like this. We like to think the president is in charge – the top man, the guy who calls the shots.

It was true as recently as January 2021. It’s not true now.

Whether it’s the Deep State or some other name, it’s crystal clear that Joe Biden is NOT calling the shots, that it’s some cabal, some junta or some unnamed dark conspiracy.

How did this happen? It wasn’t an accident. Again, it had to be part of a plan. It had to be part of a plot, a scheme or, lastly, a BIG STEAL!

This was no coincidence. It was an agreement!

Do you know when it started? Probably the day that Barack Obama told Joe Biden this: “Joe, you don’t have to do this. You really don’t.” Do you remember that line? What was it that Joe had to do? What did he have to give up? I think we’re beginning to understand.

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