COVID battle 'heroes' getting kicked 'to the curb'

Air Force medical providers and support staff assigned to COVID Theater Hospital-1 arrive for a farewell ceremony hosted by the staff of Eisenhower Hospital, Rancho Mirage, California, Aug. 28, 2020. The airmen have been supporting COVID-19 response efforts at Eisenhower Hospital since mid-July. (U.S. Army photo by Lt. Col. Charles Calio)

A nurse who formerly worked at Houston Methodist Hospital but was dismissed for refusing to take the experimental COVID vaccine has appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to point out that she doesn’t need the vaccination, because she’s had COVID.

Hannity on Wednesday interviewed Jennifer Bridges, a registered nurse who is lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against the hospital.

“I had COVID last summer, I don’t need that vaccine, and Methodist did not care about that, that was not an option at all,” she said. “We worked so hard last year. I mean, we were there through thick and thin when we had no help… it was horrible. And these people that are putting forth these rules right now for us and kicking us to the curb, they weren’t there. They weren’t even in the building to be seen for months. They were staying at home while we were doing all the work.”

The hospital system confirmed that 153 employees either resigned in the two-week suspension period or were terminated on Tuesday.

The interview can be seen online.

Bridges said a hospital official called her to ask if she’d gotten the vaccine or tried to, and she replied no.

Then she was told she was terminated.

Bridges told Hannity on Wednesday that she chose to forego the vaccine because she possessed natural immunity after contracting the coronavirus last summer.

Hannity recognized that Bridges was among those “heroes” to which the nation is indebted for their dedication to their work in nursing and help during the COVID pandemic, which apparently started in Wuhan, China, and circled the globe, killing at estimated 600,000 Americans.

Jared Woodfill, Bridges’ lawyer, joined her and said, “For the first time in the history of our country, we have an employer saying to their employees, as a condition of employment, you have to participate in a vaccine trial, you have to take an experimental vaccine.”

He continued, “We think this is completely inconsistent with the law, both federal statutes and the code of federal regulations, but I think what makes this even more egregious, is that folks like Jennifer, the heroes I represent were on the front line at the height of the pandemic, they were the individuals we celebrated and as a result of their service. She contracted COVID-19. She recovered and recuperated…but here we are today, Methodist Hospital said, ‘Oh, you wouldn’t submit or participate in our vaccine trial, here’s your pink slip sentencing her to bankruptcy,’ and that’s just plain wrong and that’s why we’re standing up.”

The lawsuit against the hospital recently was thrown out by a district court judge, but already is at an appellate court.

The judge claimed lawsuit’s statements that the vaccines are experimental was false.

And U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes claimed that taking the experimental vaccines is not the same as participating in a trial for the vaccines.

“Bridges says that she is being forced to be injected with the vaccine or be fired,” the judge wrote, claiming that was not coercion.

Woodfill confirmed that if it becomes necessary, the case will be taken all the way to the Supreme Court.

The hospital said weeks ago its 25,000 employees must accept the experimental treatment or be fired.

The Centers for Disease Control argues only a small percentage of people have suffered adverse effects such as heart inflammation and blood clots. Actually, some 5,400 people have died after getting the shots.

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