Demonic liberals worship 'mandated compliance'

There’s a pandemic, but it’s not a Chinese flu that was weaponized to terrorize and control entire populations used in conjunction with other machinations to steal the 2020 presidential election from President Donald Trump.

It’s a pandemic of demonic, straight-from-the-pit-of-hell liberals. That said, there are no liberals I find more repulsive and condemnable than those absent of melanin, who are arrogant enough to tell me what it is to be black.

I’m not black. I’m a born-again Christian man, and I’m an American. My self-worth is in Jesus Christ, not the falsity of Satan’s lie about a crayon color.

Liberals are anthropomorphic diseased lifeforms suffering from severe mental illness who have transmogrified into a bipedal form of cancer that uses gross depravity as a food source to feed Satanic goals and agendas.

You cannot coexist peacefully with these creatures. Peaceful coexistence is the very last thing that interests their kind. They’re a pestilence and infestation wholly given over to the global subjugation of those they deem beneath them.

Such is the case with these invidious creatures. They deride true individualism. They’re morally bankrupt and intellectually dishonest calumniators who create laws not for safety and community well-being, but as tools to force compliance.

Nathan Bedford Forest didn’t create the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in 1865 to terrorize former slaves; he created it to stave off Northern carpetbaggers seeking to usurp and exploit. It was Democrats, liberals by any other name, who commandeered the KKK. They weaponized it and then codified mandates around same to force compliance.

The brainwashed poorly educated who find self-worth by embracing inculcated stupidity and historical revisionism is low hanging fruit for liberals. Jim Crow was instituted and codified by melaninless liberals, because without the threat of law as a bludgeon to mandate behavior, Democrats would never have been successful in mandating such inhumane moral opprobriousness.

Liberals then and liberals today convince people to hate and abuse one another by the clever use of mandates.

Most people realize climate change is a hoax and wouldn’t give the demented heterodoxy a second look without mandated compliance.

The next step of mandated compliance we’re sure to see in America in a very short period of time is refusal of banks to give auto loans for automobiles and trucks unless they’re electric.

Bank Australia announced Aug. 26 that it will stop making loans for new gas and diesel vehicles in 2025. Vehicle loans will be available for electric vehicles only. Do you actually think it would be necessary for such draconian mandates if people really wanted electric vehicles? But free will is usurped through the instituting of mandated compliance regardless of what people actually want.

If it’s taking place in Australia, you can bet your last dollar that banks in America are already lining up to follow suit. California liberal demigod Gavin Newsom has mandated the ban of all new gas-powered vehicle sales in the state by 2035. This for a state that has trouble producing sufficient electricity for routine household use, a state that charges a tax to warm or toast bread because of electrical shortages. Still he has mandated the very thing of which his state has the greatest shortage.

Liberalism, which is nothing more than a rank form of communism, has never worked in history without the threat and imposition of codified mandates.

With the imposition of Jim Crow laws, Bull Connor, Orval Faubus, J. William Fulbright (the personal idol of both Bill and Hillary Clinton), Al Gore Sr., James Coleman, Ross Barnett et al. codified oppression by mandate.

Liberal Google is falsely identifying links to trusted news sites that dare report factual news and biblical truths as potentially deadly viruses and malware. Facebook once shut down my page because I dared quote scripture.

This is liberalism. There is no choice, only forced compliance to liberalism unless you are at the very top – then you can do as you please with impunity. When it comes to the rank and file, there are no alternatives to their crazed hegemony.

I echo words of the late KKK Grand Kleagle, Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd, W-Va.; I’ve seen them without melanin and with melanin, and they are always liberal trash.

I’m speaking of boorish hoydenish trash, such as Ilhan Omar, AOC and Rashida Tlaib, one of the most common, dirty, uncouth, anti-Semite liberal women on earth, enjoined by the clown princess of baldness, Ayanna Pressley.

The majority of Americans just want to mind their own business and to be treated fairly. But liberals share no such goodwill. Liberal policies are destructive to the point that the only way people will comply is by mandates carrying heavy penalties. Consider the people who felt they had no choice but to allow themselves to be poisoned with deadly toxins or lose their job and/or career.

I detest everything about liberals. I don’t suffer fools, I’m educated and armed with facts. The Word of God is my authority, and Hebrews 13:5-6 KJV assures me I need not fear perverted liars and workers of iniquity.

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