'Demonic': Woman who once lived as a man shatters media narrative

Helena Kerschner (Video screenshot)
Helena Kerschner (Video screenshot)

Helena Kerschner is a 23-year-old woman who lived for several years as a man through hormone therapy.

In a remarkable video interview (embedded below), she tells how she came to believe she was a man, largely through the culture of the website Tumblr, which co-interviewer Rod Dreher described as “an extremely intense but cult-like culture that draws in vulnerable young women who are unsure of themselves, and desperate for community and approval.”

“You might think you have a good handle on this (transgender) phenomenon, but I guarantee that most of you do not. I did not, though I read about this stuff all the time,” wrote Dreher, a senior editor and blogger at The American Conservative and author of several best-selling books, including “The Benedict Option” and “Live Not by Lies.”

Dreher noted that he and co-interviewer Kale Zeldon are Christians who “believe in the reality of the demonic.”

“After we finished the interview, we both talked offline about how gobsmacked we were about the spiritual warfare aspect of what Helena had told us,” he said.

Helen, who said she is not a religious believer, explained that Christianity and values such as sex with love, and tenderness are considered evil in the culture that overwhelmed her.

That culture, Dreher said, has “shattered the inner lives of the teenage girls who participate in it by telling them that they are worthless, and can only be made worthy if they remake themselves according to its rules.”

“As Helena talks about the process of surrendering to this, chills ran up and down my spine, literally,” Dreher wrote. “She is not a religious person, and couldn’t have understood what she was saying in a religious context. But if you know anything about the literature of demonic possession, the narrative she told is very close to what happens in a case of possession. At one point she talks about how she gave herself over to these thoughts, and before she knew what was happening, they were controlling her.”

He wants every parent, pastor and religious leader to hear Helena’s story, particularly “those who are tempted to affirm transgenderism, or those who think that it is just a passing fad.”

“This is us. This is who we are today,” Dreher wrote. “The family is being dissolved. Male and female are being dissolved. The individual human personality is being dissolved.”

See the interview with Helena Kerschner:

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