School district: Parents 'not entitled' to know if kids are going trans


Officials at a school district in Wisconsin, like those in other districts across the nation, are opposed to sharing with parents information about what their children are doing at school.

Specifically, whether those children have been encouraged by other students, faculty or outsiders to go transgender, and in fact if they are pursuing that lifestyle change.

But officials at the Eau Claire district have gone further than most districts, who simply want not to share that information for fear their transgender agenda will be opposed by parents.

There, according to a report at The Federalist, they are claiming that parents are “not entitled” to have that information.

That detail comes from a recent “training session” for employees of the Eau Claire Area School District, the report said.

“Empower Wisconsin obtained a copy of a training slide from a late February staff development session. The 2021-22 Equity session on Safe Spaces reminds teachers that ‘parents are not entitled to know their kids’ identities. That knowledge must be earned,'” the report explained.

“Teachers are often straddling this complex situation. In ECASD, our priority is supporting the student,” was the message from the “facilitator guide.”

Explained the report, “The lesson — that teachers know better than parents about what is best for their kids — is not sitting well with some community members.”

In a statement jointly released by three school board candidates who were prompted to run for office by the district’s attitude toward parents, they said, “We are appalled that ECASD would display such blatant disregard for the parents and guardians of our community’s children. We are equally dismayed that current school district leadership would pressure teachers into breaking a social contract that we all know and understand—that parents and guardians hold primary responsibility and decision making for the welfare and care of their children.”

That statement, from Nicole Everson, Corey Cronrath, and Melissa Winter, aligns with a recent court decision in the state.

In that case, which now is pending before the state Supreme Court, a district judge ruled against a Madison Metropolitan School District practice to let children of any age transition to a different gender identity at school — without parental consent.

That policy drew a lawsuit because it “violates the rights of parents to make important healthcare decisions on their children’s behalf.”

The new board candidates wanted administrators to apologize to teachers for putting them in a situation where they are “at odds” with families and parents.

But Supt. Michael Johnson has doubled down on his allegiance to the district being “inclusive.”

His statement said, “Our staff often find themselves in positions of trust with our students. The staff development presentation shared extensive data and information to assist our staff members in our ongoing efforts to create a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. The ECASD prides itself on being a school district that makes all students feel welcome and safe in our schools.”

The Federalist explained the three pro-parent candidates are concerned that such school practices are costing parents their rights to their children and the battle actually pits parents against teachers.

Further, they said, claiming that information about their own children is something that parents must “earn” is a “dangerous precedent.”

“If identity questions for your child can be hidden from you, is diet, curriculum, healthcare, inappropriate relationships, mental health concerns, etc. also no longer the business of parents? Just what are parents and guardians allowed to know and when?” the report charged.

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