Double standard: Antifa thugs vs. Jan. 6 'insurrectionists'

Is the Democratic Party protecting Antifa? Yes, it would appear so.

How about the FBI? That’s a separate question, and a little more information is needed.

A report from PJMedia explains how a member of Antifa used an ax to vandalize a U.S. senator’s office, that of Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D.

Then Democrats gave the attacker money, and the FBI returned his ax to him.

The crime took place some time ago already, as Thomas Alexander Starks, 31, of Lisbon, North Dakota, pleaded guilty to destruction of government property last April.

It was last December that he smashed an intercom and glass door at Hoeven’s office in Fargo, N.D.

You might recall Donald Trump was president of the United States then.

The report explained, “Federal guidelines suggested Starks should spend 10-16 months in the hoosegow, but because he is a protected member of Antifa, he was sentenced to mere probation and ordered to pay $2,784 in restitution.

“Keep in mind that there are people still in solitary confinement for taking non-violent selfies in the Capitol on Jan. 6,” the report said.

Then it reported that the FBI returned the ax he used, and Starks bragged about it on the platform formerly called Facebook, now Meta.

With an image of the ax, he wrote, “Look what the FBI were kind enough to give back to me!”

He also boasts, “I am ANTIFA. I will always attack fascists, racial superiority complexes built around nationalism that promotes genocide to fuel a war machine is the worst humanity has to offer.”

After being charged, Starks went online to explain he wanted money to hire a lawyer, in fact, a “quality defender,” as the report explained.

“Three North Dakota Democrats threw the fascist some dough. Democrat Party Executive Committee Representative Ellie Shockley donated $100, Democratic-Non Partisan League (NPL) Chairwoman Kylie Oversen also gave $100, and Ellen Chaffee, the Democrat candidate for lieutenant governor in 2012, gave $500,” PJMedia reported.

The North Dakota GOP had another view: “It is inexcusable that Chairwoman Oversen would be personally involved in supporting a far-left extremist whose violent actions constitute an assault on our democracy.”

That’s an understatement.

So, it would seem that Antifa and the Democratic Party are working together.

What about the FBI? Too early to tell.

But the agency seems to have a different view of Antifa antics compared to the Capitol “insurrection” of Jan. 6 and the speedy trial constitutionally guaranteed to the defendants.

It’s a travesty. A shocking, horrific, civil rights offense, one that has been drawn out almost a year on charges far less significant. Some of the defendants have reportedly not even been charged with any crime.

Think of it!

Thomas Alexander Starks is free as a bird. He’s only serving probation, when he could be serving 10-16 months in lock-up.

What the hell is going on here?

Meanwhile, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., who toured D.C. jails two weeks ago, said, “I’ve never seen human suffering like I witnessed last night.”

Greene is promising to issue a report on her visit, which she says will provide findings on the treatment of all D.C. jail prisoners, not just the Jan. 6 defendants.

“I’ll never forget hearing their screams,” she wrote. “Our detailed report will outline everything we saw in every area of the jail we were allowed to see, on behalf of all inmates.” A grim federal inspection of Washington, D.C.’s central jail has left hundreds of inmates, including about three dozen detained Jan. 6 defendants, in limbo, as city officials confront allegations of filthy conditions and inhumane treatment.

Officials are racing to transfer hundreds of inmates in the central jail to other facilities, including nearly 400 to a Pennsylvania prison, following the U.S. Marshals Service report that described rampant abuses by guards, retaliation against prisoners, substandard food and unsanitary plumbing problems throughout the central jail.

The Jan. 6 inmates detained in Washington do not reside in the central jail, but are being held in a nearby annex called the Correctional Treatment Facility. Federal inspectors found that facility to be adequate. But it was these defendants’ complaints of mistreatment that prompted the U.S. Marshals to investigate conditions, resulting in the report about the central jail.

Members of the D.C. City Council demanded immediate steps to address the failures at the central jail.

Federal judges presiding over hundreds of Jan. 6 cases have expressed increasing alarm about conditions in the D.C. jail.

U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth last month held the city in contempt for refusing to provide key details about its handling of some defendants. Earlier this month, he released to home confinement Christopher Worrell, a Jan. 6 defendant who is preparing to begin chemotherapy for cancer treatment, contending that he has no confidence the D.C. Department of Corrections would provide adequate medical care.

Lamberth revealed in court that the U.S. Marshals Service had discovered squalid conditions inside the central jail and encountered staff who threatened retaliation against inmates who cooperated with inspectors.

One inmate said he had been sprayed with pepper spray and prevented from showering, which caused an infection, Lamberth said as he read findings of the inspection. Inspectors also described a water shutoff intended as a punitive measure that led to plumbing problems throughout the jail.

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