God's enemies are desperate: Prepare for a Divine cleanup operation

Generally speaking, we should know that when the enemies of Almighty God attack Israel, they have reached not only the state of Israel, but also a state of desperation.

We must recognize that God’s enemies have been attacking His Creation for a very long time. In the Old Testament, humanity was united in its efforts to build the tower of Babel all the way up into heaven. God came down and confused their languages. The Great Flood was God’s response to Satan’s efforts to build a super race of mighty men. Today’s DNA pirates will be dealt with as well.

It is as if God’s enemies recognize that they have lost once again, and have to make some parting gesture on their way out of the battle. One last dig at God before they limp off the battlefield. So valiant of them.

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In our present era, it is not only Israel that is under attack by God’s enemies, it is also the United States of America. The one-world wannabes can’t implement their world government without taking over America, and using the technology and weapons we have developed to control the entire globe.

The globalists will have their chance to play God, because “It is written” in God’s Word. How do you think that is going to work out for them? Where in the Bible has Satan ever defeated God? How did that work out for Satan at the Cross, where God used Jesus’ death and resurrection to restore fallen humanity?

In the grand scheme of things, globalists are like a wad of gum stuck on one of God’s shoes as he tidies up the earth. They are a momentary annoyance that will be quickly dealt with. They won’t delay the billion-soul harvest, and they won’t gain control over the earth. Satan’s attempt to move the timetable for the tribulation forward has already been denied, by the One who controls time.

Satan can whine and cry and plot and scream, but he can’t do anything outside of his allotted time. God’s Will cannot be overcome, thwarted, denied or disabled by anyone or anything. When Christian education returns to the educational system, more people will know and understand this. Gee, I wonder what subjects will be cut from the education curriculum to make room for God’s wisdom?

God gave America a constitution based on His Word. He is a great defender of freedom and human choice (free will). Governments have worked hard to restrict human rights, because governments always want more power over others. The less competent the government, the more power its rulers want.

God seeks to guide people by His Goodness, not intimidate them by His power. We are, however, very close to witnessing God clean up some of the messes that have been plaguing our nation – and others – for a long time. In America’s case, this mainly happens because we have chosen to ignore the constitutional guideline that says, Election Day means Election DAY. What part of this is difficult to understand? Before we had automobiles and public transportation, people traveled from their homes to polling places and cast their paper ballot. They were known by their friends and neighbors. They didn’t have fancy counting machines designed to insure that the “right” candidate was elected.

If you don’t believe that God still comes and fixes things that have been broken on earth, then the next few months (years?) are going to be difficult for you. God is going to reveal a government filled with mask-wearing puppets pretending to be people they are not. Masks will come off in public. Actors will be revealed pretending to be known political figures. Close to chaos will erupt in what is left of our fake government, masquerading as a legitimate, elected government.

Government, at least in America, was not designed to control us; it was designed to serve us. As we allowed government to drift further and further away from its godly foundations, it began to think that it – at least the people within it did – was God. It’s not. It never was. And God Himself is going to make that abundantly clear to everyone. Every good show must end. Right now, I’d step away from where the curtain is coming down. You don’t want to be under it when the curtain falls on this show.

Earth’s Final Kingdom, Vol. IV in Craige’s Armageddon novel series.

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