Gold sneakers vs. stinky candles: Who has better business sense?

What do you want, a nice pair of gold sneakers or a stinking scented candle?

Donald Trump is a businessman. He hires people that do business with other businesses and the public. That’s how businesses are supposed to work, developing an economy.

Trump recently introduced a new line of signature shoes at Sneaker Con. Trump says, “This is something I’ve been talking about for 12 years, 13 years and I think it is going to be a big success.” This venture will employ people to make and sell shoes. Businesses will make money, people will make money, and people will have an enjoyable product. This is what businessmen do. They try to be a part of and activate the economy.

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Instead of congratulating Trump on a new business venture employing taxpaying Americans, Biden’s 2024 communications director, Michael Tyler, stated, “Donald Trump showing up to hawk bootleg Off-Whites is the closest he’ll get to any Air Force Ones ever again for the rest of his life.” That kind of comment made toward new business ventures and taxpaying Americans is not surprising, for Biden thinks that making bullets, paid for with taxpayer money, and giving them to other countries is good business, because he is obviously not a businessman. Biden states, “Being the arsenal of democracy also means good-paying jobs for American workers.”

Trump’s businesses had 22,450 employees as of 2015. According to Forbes Magazine, Trump’s net worth in 2019 was $3.1 billion with about half of that coming from his New York City real estate holdings. Trump’s companies conduct business with numerous other businesses, keeping their workers employed, too. After the recent court ruling in New York, Trump was fined over $355 million for supposed “fraud” where there were no complaints, no victims, and everybody made money. Also, he will not be allowed to run his own business for three years. Since there was no victim to the supposed “fraud,” who gets awarded the $355 million?

Concerning the “fraud,” award-winning researcher and professor of accounting at NYU’s Stern School of Business, Eli Bartov, who was an expert witness at the trial, stated, “‘My main finding is there is no evidence whatsoever of any accounting fraud. …’ Mr. Bartov said that after reviewing the lawsuit against the Trump Organization, ‘the most important evidence is the credit reports of the Deutsche Bank.'”

After stating to the judge, “There is no evidence whatsoever of any accounting fraud,” the judge asked if Bartov meant that the attorney general’s “complaint had no merit.” Bartov responded, “This is absolutely my opinion. … You read the complaint: the complaint has numerous allegations of valuations of GAAP [generally accepted accounting principles]. There is no specific reference to a provision of GAAP that was violated. … Some of them really bordered on absurd,” he added, saying that a few hours of accounting would have sorted out what the attorney general assumed was a violation.

So, this clearly proves that Attorney General Letitia James and New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron are just as inept in their accounting abilities as they are in their legal abilities.

New York voters need to realize Trump could choose to shutter his N.Y. businesses and lay off the employees. This would probably result in other companies losing enough business that they would have to lay off their employees. At that point, how many people would vote for Biden and Letitia James again?

In all fairness, Joe Biden does have other business ventures other than just making bullets with taxpayer’s money and giving them away. In 2020, for example, there were biographies about Joe: “the book that Joe and Jill wrote, Biden calendars, mugs, coloring books and earrings. A Biden action figure cost $15, as [does] the newest item – gray socks adorned with the now-president-elect wearing a red, white and blue-striped tie and proclaiming, ‘Vote for Joe Biden.'” With Joe’s business acuity, let’s not forget the “top seller,” “a Biden scented candle that smells like one of his favorite drinks: orange Gatorade.” So, the Gatorade-candle outsells his books.

Wow! Don’t you just want to run out and purchase a Biden scented candle? I wonder if it is a conflict of interest, if Biden is selling candles while he is also making policy in the U.S. to destroy our power grid, whereby people will need candles to light their homes? Maybe the Biden scented candle really is destined to be a countrywide bestseller.

Not to be out done and showing her business acuity, Kamala Harris came up with an “original” idea and decided to make a scented candle too. After all, it was the “top seller” for Joe. Kamala’s candle has a jasmine scent and has her office’s seal. Some say that one whiff of her candle and you’ll start cackling, just like the veep. Now the Democratic U.S. senator from California, Alex Padilla, has also caught on to the idea, and wants candles with Kamala’s scent. He was told by Harris’ office that he could produce a similar candle, “but asked that he use a different scent,” setting off what some people call the “Candlegate” scandal. Harris actually has an NDA (nondisclosure agreement) with the candle maker. Now we can finally understand why Kamala has done so little in her position as border czar. It’s because she’s been so busy smelling scents for her candle, and protecting her “invention.”

Joe and Kamala, is a scented candle the best you can do? With your names on it, I bet it is guaranteed to stink. Maybe the stench goes with the old gray socks Joe sells.

Former President Trump, I wish you the very best with your sneakers. I’d get a gold pair myself, but they are sold out. I am a size 9, in case you need to know.

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