Has the time for female-led government arrived?

Do you like the idea of female-run government? Well, God has a deal for you! While the church has been preaching from the “Left Behind” translation of the end times in Scripture, God has remained stuck in the original texts and timelines. He has been prepping the Bride to take control of crucial national governments in the world.

That’s right. The world is being divided up into sheep and goat nations, identified by their leadership, right before our eyes. Didn’t Matthew (25:31-33) write about that in his gospel? Amidst Jesus’ sheep-and-goat nation decisions, the churches are fixated on the antichrist. Yet the Apostle John tells us that antichrists have been with us ever since he and the other disciples were dining with Jesus during his ministry before the Cross.

The Bride is the Bride, until the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. Does that mean the Lord will not call upon her to do his will in the earth, before their eternal union? Does that mean that she will not seek to do his will on the earth before their eternal union? Advancing the timeline is one of the devil’s tricks. Stop giving the devil your attention. Focus on Jesus.

God often speaks in pictures and symbols, because they transcend our words and their shifting definitions. Think back in your own life, when you were young and excited about your future. Is there any good thing that a man would withhold from his bride before their wedding day? How could he? The bride possesses his heart.

Almost all of us want the world — or more correctly the world we knew a few short years ago — to return to normal. Yet with each passing day it becomes more evident that the world taking shape before us is not returning to what the 20th century has considered normal. Is that really a bad thing?

Earlier generations considered the world before the first and second world wars to be normal, but the wars transcended national boundaries and had their own timelines. The English king thought America would always be a colony to be plundered for natural resources, but then came the American Revolution. Russians never thought the specter of communism would overtake their nation and destroy their lives, yet it did.

Why is it that we insist God must work within our predefined expectations? What makes our rather limited view of the world so great? Why not, rather, let our expectations be guided by God’s vast and endless resources? His unsearchable wisdom. His ability to see the end from the beginning? His unfathomable love for us, men and women who deserved none of it?

Satan is now playing god. He is using worldwide corruption among governing elites, corporate and military leaders, scientists, technicians and those who hate God to enslave and indeed alter us, forever. He is using our own technology against us. Humanity is to be changed so that it is no longer even capable of knowing God.

That’s the new normal Satan has in mind for us. Ever since the Garden of Eden, God has given mankind a choice. Many churches, it seems, have made their choice. God is subservient to government and the collection plate. Politics is dirty and unseemly. Thus the dividing line between good and evil shall not be spoken about in the sermon on the pulpit.

That’s been “normal” in the American church for most of our lives. Judgment always begins in the House of the Lord. Choose this day who you will serve, because our choices today will either advance good or evil tomorrow. They’re not just lifestyle choices. They lead to eternally different and separate realities.

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