Hunter Biden associate wanted 'Joe' involved in China deal

Hunter Biden (ABC News video screenshot)

A business associate of Hunter Biden wrote a text message requesting that “Joe” be involved in a China deal, because that would make it look like a “truly family business,” Fox News reported Thursday.

In text messages dating back to 2017, shortly after Joe Biden left the office of vice president, business associates James Gilliar and Tony Bobulinski sought to “get Joe involved.”

The deal was the joint venture with CEFC China Energy that Bobulinski has discussed in media interviews. Bobulinski claims he met twice with Joe Biden and is certain that an email indicating the “big guy” was to get a 10% cut referred to the former vice president.

It’s long been known that Hunter Biden was hired by Ukrainian gas company Burisma for $83,000 a month while his father was in charge of Ukraine policy for the Obama administration. At the time, Burisma was under investigation for corruption, and Joe Biden is on video boasting that he threatened Ukrainians with the loss of U.S. aid if the prosecutor investigating Burisma wasn’t fired.

A Senate report issued this month said that among the Communist Party-tied nationals with whom Hunter Biden did business was Ye Jianming, founder of CEFC China Energy. Ye was affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army, the report said.

The New York Times reported in 2018 that Ye wanted “access to the corridors of power in Washington” and he soon “was meeting with the family of Joseph R. Biden Jr.”

Ye has been a fugitive since being taken into custody by Chinese authorities in 2018 on suspicion of economic crimes.

A post-election survey found more than one-third of voters who chose Joe Biden were not aware of the evidence linking the former vice president to corrupt financial dealings with China through his son Hunter.

Had they known, according to the survey commissioned by the Media Research Center, President Trump would have won at least 289 Electoral College votes.

Fox News reported Gilliar, in a back-and-forth over the terms of the company, sent a text to Bobulinski in 2017 stating, “Man U are right let’s get the company set up, then tell H and family the high stakes and get Joe involved.”

Joe Biden repeatedly has denied being involved with – or even knowing about – his son’s business schemes.

Another exchange had Bobulinski asking “what is the deal w Jim Biden as he wasn’t part of the discussion but now seems a focal point.”

Gilliar said: “With H demons, could be good to have a back up, he strengthens our USP to Chinese as it looks like a truly family business, and I like the dude.”

Fox said “USP” was likely “unique selling proposition.”

Previously, Gilliar suggested getting an “a lister” to meet with the Chinese.

He later wrote: “Think Joe may come Sunday. I’m hoping.”

“Yah I told Jim that’s a no brainer if he can make it he should be there,” Bobulinski replied May 5, 2017.

Fox explained that at the time of the messages, it was a “a critical time in the organization of the joint-venture — between Hunter and Jim Biden and their associates, Gilliar, Bobulinski and Rob Walker. The venture, called Sinohawk Holdings, was meant to be a partnership with Chinese energy firm CEFC. ”

Ultimately, the venture was unsuccessful.

A short time after, Gilliar told Bobulinski, “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face, I know u know that but they are paranoid.”

A Biden campaign spokesman has denied Joe Biden was involved in business with his family.

The recent Senate report warned that members of Joe Biden’s family were in deals with Chinese nationals with “deep connections” to the Communist Party.

The Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committees named Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and the former vice president’s brother James and James’ wife Sara.

“Hunter Biden has extensive connections to Chinese businesses and Chinese foreign nationals that are linked to the Communist government. Those contacts bore financial fruit when his father was vice president and after he left office,” says the report, which was part of an investigation that produced two previous reports.

The new Senate report warns that the “connections and the vast amount of money transferred among and between them don’t just raise conflicts of interest concerns, they raise criminal financial, counterintelligence and extortion concerns.”

Republican Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado is urging the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s business deals, claiming a laptop reportedly belonging to Hunter Biden, later turned over to the FBI, contains evidence of “impeachable conduct” by Joe Biden.


This article appeared originally on WND.

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