Jail Democrats! New agenda explodes following Trump verdict

There’s a new political campaign agenda that exploded into existence in a manner of minutes on Thursday.

That’s when a leftist jury in Manhattan convicted President Donald Trump of business reporting violations for calling his legal fees, legal fees.

The conviction was orchestrated by Joe Biden from the White House, Alvin Bragg from his prosecutor’s office, and Juan Merchan, from the court bench. All of them are Democrats.

And the new agenda?

To jail Democrats.

John Hinderaker at Powerline Blog explained what happened. “A grotesquely biased jury of Trump-haters, led by a judge who put service to his party above his judicial responsibilities, has returned guilty verdicts against Donald Trump on all 34 counts with which he was – absurdly – charged.”

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And then he offered solutions: “What to do now? First, it is now absolutely essential that Trump be elected president. The Democrats cannot be allowed to get away with this effort to turn America into a banana republic.

“Second, the Democrats understand nothing except the raw exercise of power. Therefore, Republican attorneys general and district attorneys should bring criminal charges against Democratic officeholders wherever possible. No Democratic officeholder should be allowed to retire, in any jurisdiction with Republican law enforcement, without facing criminal charges. There can’t be a single Democratic official in America against whom a criminal case can’t be brought that is better than this case against Trump. It should be open season on Democrats in the criminal courts.”

And that campaign, he said, should go all the way to the top of the Democrat party.

“Third, the criminal prosecutions should begin with Joe Biden. Unlike Trump, Biden is actually a criminal. He is already known to be guilty under the federal bribery statute, to the tune of at least $20 million. If Trump wins in November, his Department of Justice should immediately indict Biden, and Biden should be hounded until the day he dies or goes to prison, whichever happens first.”

His opinion largely was seconded by a commentary from John Daniel Davidson at The Federalist.

“The conviction of former President Donald Trump on manufactured charges in a Stalinist show trial this week marks a crossroads for the Republican Party. From now on, the civil war inside the GOP will be between those who understand they must do to Democrats what Democrats have done to Trump, and those who think they can trundle along with business as usual.”

He said this situation now “means if you’re a GOP candidate or elected official, and especially if you’re a Republican district attorney or attorney general, and your response to Trump’s conviction isn’t to begin making plans to indict President Biden and other leading Democrats on criminal charges, then you have no idea what time it is and need to be primaried, sidelined, or otherwise run out of the party. “

He added, “Put bluntly, Republicans have to make Democrats play by their own rules. They have to inflict pain ruthlessly on Democrats with endless show trials and lawfare, just as Democrats have done to Trump. The leftist radicals who run the Democrat Party only understand power, and they will only stop when they are force-fed their own medicine over and over. “

He cited a campaign ad from Anthony Sabatini, a Florida Republican seeking an office in Congress.

And he added, “As my Federalist colleague Sean Davis said Thursday, ‘If you’re a Republican running for office, you can just go ahead and throw away all of your elegant little policy proposals for this or that corporate exclusion or tax subsidy. Give me a list of which Democrat officials you’re going to put in prison, or get lost.'”

He even suggested a case to open the “lawfare,” which Democrats have used against Trump extensively, against Democrats.

“Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton should immediately indict President Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland for the ongoing crisis at the border, which in every way is a criminal human-trafficking conspiracy that they have orchestrated and sustained by flouting federal immigration law.”

He said, “If we’re going to start jailing political opponents in America, then it has to go both ways.”

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Content created by the WND News Center is available for re-publication without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact [email protected].

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