Joint Chiefs of Staff can stop CRT in the military – will they?

Almost 70 years ago, the first commercial jet aircraft was launched. Rushing to do so, it was only later discovered a fatal design flaw existed. Today, as our Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) rush to address alleged racism in the military, incorporating Critical Race Theory (CRT) into training, reliance is again being placed on an inherently flawed system.

In 1954, two passenger jets literally fell from the skies. Square-designed windows, over time, were creating metal fatigue. Oval-shaped, pressurized windows solved the issue.

Today, a JCS responsible for fielding the best-trained, best-equipped and most cohesive fighting force have turned to CRT to solve perceived racism. CRT supporters argue there is a need to understand the lingering racism blacks endure today. CRT detractors argue it foments racial inequality, impressing a sense of guilt upon whites for the sins of their forefathers and, by focusing on racial distinction, negatively impacts unit cohesion.

CRT is built on the premise racial injustices are institutionalized within society and, therefore, ignoring racial differences only serves to maintain and perpetuate this status quo. In other words, contrary to believing in the equality of all mankind, whites are, under CRT, inherently racist. In fact, this is already being taught in our schools where whiteness is outrageously compared to the devil.

Meanwhile, whites are indoctrinated in the belief America breeds a systemic racism “unicorn.” This is despite contrary evidence – black over-representation in government employment (20%) and a book by Kenny Xu detailing the successful social rise of another minority in a supposedly systemically racist society – Asian Americans – being but two examples debunking it. Consider too, if America is so systematically racist, why has the number of black immigrants increased fivefold since 1980? And, if we conceptually accept anti-black systemic racism in the military, why is anti-white systemic racism a non-issue despite whites’ disproportionately high death rates in Vietnam (96%), Afghanistan and Iraq?

Naively opening the CRT door allows entry for other outrageous initiatives to follow as CRT proponent and anti-white racist Ibram X. Kendi proves. He ridiculously promotes creating a “Department of Racism” to “score” congressional bills that, undoubtedly, will one day impact defense budgets.

Additionally, teaching white guilt triggers black resentment – an outcome already observed in society today.

While CRT has been around for decades, the more recent emergence of Black Lives Matter (BLM), claiming white-on-black police brutality, has nurtured CRT. But a detailed BLM study reveals its core claims are wildly exaggerated or just plain false, despite creating a tidal wave of racial discord that swept the nation. The sad result is many more black lives have been lost under this false premise as police, reluctant to do their job, leave a void the criminal element fills. Since BLM’s false campaigning, black resentment has ensued, evidenced by increasing numbers of unprovoked black-on-white crimes and a 91% rise in police ambushes. Undoubtedly, this is what has prompted Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., to submit legislation banning CRT training in the military.

Also complicit in fostering CRT are racial hoaxes, whether Jussie Smollett’s or those irresponsibly claiming racist profiling in police stops, like state Rep. John Thompson, D-Minn., later disproven by police body cam footage. Unfortunately, however, these do extensive damage before being proven false.

Critical CRT alarms are being sounded. Recent polling indicates 78% of voters prefer children be taught traditional Western values in school rather than socialist propaganda ones. Additionally, when CRT supporters, like a Northern Virginia PTA and NAACP leader, choose to confront critics with violence rather than discussion, something is wrong. And, when race “experts” convince toy makers like Hasbro of the need, since infants are inherently racist and capable of being as much so as adults by age 5, to push CRT branding and messaging into its products, this madness is out of control.

In weighing the above concerns, the JCS need to reflect upon two defining moments in history when senior military representatives confronted elected officials concerning political actions disruptive of good military order and discipline – as is Critical Race Theory. In advising these officials “enough is enough,” one effort met with success; one did not.

The unsuccessful moment, in November 1965, came when the JCS requested a private meeting with President Lyndon Johnson to discuss the reality the Vietnam War was unwinnable. A livid Johnson threw the service chiefs out of his office, triggering what, by war’s end, became our longest in history. Arguably, correct in confronting Johnson on the issue, the JCS probably should have taken the additional step of en masse resignation due to the seriousness of failing to heed their advice.

A second defining, but more successful, moment for the military occurred during the “Red Scare” – a dark time in mid-20th century America when people were accused of communism as freely as people today are accused of racism. Like BLM and CRT, the Red Scare wreaked havoc across the country. Its driving force – Sen. Joe McCarthy, R-Wis. – bullied, lied and smeared victims, motivated by his love for power rather than for country. Many critics, fearing being tagged as communists, were too intimidated to confront him.

McCarthy’s smearing of the U.S. Army in a 1954 hearing resulted in its special counsel, John Walsh, challenging him. After McCarthy called a highly decorated general a “disgrace” to his uniform, Welch, having had enough, lambasted him by exclaiming, “Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?” The room erupted into wild applause and the hearings ended. Exposed as a bully, McCarthy was later condemned by the U.S. Senate for contempt against his colleagues.

CRT’s roots are communist in nature, which, alone, warrant concern. While the Soviets used class warfare to divide people, CRT uses race warfare to do so. Ironically, the division Soviets sought to create from outside America during the Cold War is now being embraced by the JCS from inside, giving it credence.

Leaders are human and, thus, susceptible to mistakes, hopefully limited by life’s experiences. The JCS decision to embrace CRT is a mistake. Accordingly, they now stand at a crossroad – whether to continue with CRT or take the more difficult road of admitting their error. A courageous example of a public official openly acknowledging his mistake was recently demonstrated by a federal judge who reversed his own opinion in a case after learning more about the underlying issue. Our men and women in uniform deserve this same consideration from the Joint Chiefs.

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