Kamala's attempted recovery from self-serving gaffe

Unsurprisingly, Vice President Kamala Harris did something lacking much forethought in the aftermath of Special Counsel Robert Hur publishing his investigative report into President Joe Biden’s illegal handling of classified documents. Hur found while Biden had acted intentionally, a successful prosecution was unlikely as he is an “elderly man with a poor memory.” Biden immediately came under attack for being unfit for office. Harris did not help the situation as, when asked, she responded she was “ready to serve.”

Harris must have come under attack by Biden’s staff for this gaffe suggesting she is ready, willing and able to take over from him. This may be what led soon afterward to a recovery effort by her, in which she issued a statement praising Biden. However, her statement was filled with numerous false assertions, dissected below in a sentence-by-sentence analysis.

“I’ve been with Joe in the Oval Office when the cameras are there, and when they are not.”

  • This is the only accurate assertion of her entire statement.

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“I’ve watched him bring folks together across the nation and across the world.”

  • If, by this assertion, she is referencing people with opposing viewpoints, it is more accurate to say there is no president who has been more divisive than Biden. While he claimed in his inaugural address he would close the gap and bring divisive Americans together, every action he has undertaken since then has only served to drive a wedge that further divides voters.

“He is an incredible leader.”

  • Less than half of American voters believe this claim. A February 2024 poll revealed that Biden’s popularity had reached its lowest point yet in his presidency – 37%.

“I remember where we started and everything that was happening in our country – Joe got us back on track.”

  • This is an outrageous claim. Since taking office in 2021, Biden more accurately has derailed an American express train that had avoided any new wars, that had negotiated an historic agreement in the Middle East in the form of the Abraham Accords establishing positive ties between Israel and several of its Arab neighbors and that had kept unfriendly nations at bay.

“He created an economy that works for everyone, and nearly 15 million jobs along the way.”

  • Harris would have a hard time convincing Americans Biden has created an economy “that works for everyone.” The truth is, as of last September, according to a Lending Club report, 62% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, which “remains the main financial lifestyle among U.S. consumers.” Only 14% of Americans say Bidenomics have helped them. Families have been suffering from inflation for three years and, because Biden convinced the media to redefine the term “recession,” they refuse to use it. Meanwhile, our working class is getting crushed and businesses suffer as consumers buy less. Price hikes have accelerated at the highest rate in a year.
  • In August 2022, Biden promised the “Inflation Reduction Act” would help Americans economically. A year later, he admitted the act failed to lower costs for Americans as inflation rose 15%, the cost of groceries rose 20%, gas prices increased by 62%, etc. In fact, companies are having to slash employee benefits due to inflation.
  • As far as job creation is concerned, while Biden claims he has added more jobs than any other president in a single four-year term, fact-checking reveals this to be misleading. In a game of semantics, Biden takes credit for “creating” jobs that are more accurately described as the “recovery” of jobs. Almost 72% of job gains since 2021 were jobs recovered from the pandemic. Furthermore, employment under Biden is only up by 3.7 million, and much of that represents jobs taken by illegal immigrants. Under the prior administration, our domestic express train created 6.7 million new jobs – 3 million more than Biden did at a time President Donald Trump prohibited businesses from hiring illegals.

“He got bipartisan legislation passed to rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure and fight climate change.”

  • While the “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act” signed into law by Biden on Nov. 15, 2021, addresses our aged and crumbling infrastructure, it also focuses on climate change projects funded mostly through fear and intimidation rather than the hard facts of climatology. It is important to note while many scientists embrace global warming, many of the real experts on the issue – climatologists – have their doubts, claiming scientists rely on faulty theories. An effort needs to be undertaken by the government to bring our leading climatologists together to resolve a dispute for which the wrong call can cost us dearly.

“He nominated the first Black woman in our nation’s history to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

  • Yes, he did. However he nominated someone who left much of the public uneasy with her inability, i.e., refusal, to define what a woman is. It is worrisome that a definition easily supported by biology is now being left to the windmills of an associate Supreme Court justice’s mind.

“That is the kind of person that I want leading our country – I hope you agree.”

  • As long as Biden is alive, Harris recognizes that her future is linked to riding his coattails once more for an additional term. Thus, obviously, she selfishly favors a 2024 Biden presidential victory. Of course, with Biden’s deteriorating physical and mental health, there is also a gleam in her eye that she could possibly become the first female president.
  • With Harris now rated as the worst vice-presidential pick in 50 years, it is doubtful voters simply do not give a damn about the kind of person she wants to have leading our country.

Despite the above statement by Harris, most Americans remain leery of giving Biden a second term. And, based on her own performance to date as vice president, a majority of voters – undoubtedly fearing the consequences of losing a mentally/physically impaired president – are just as fearful about paving the way for a replacement who has already demonstrated her incompetence to so serve.

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