Networks hiding Biden's worst-ever border crisis

Networks in America are pushing to hide Joe Biden’s worsening border crisis, according to a Newsbusters report on a survey by the Media Research Center.

The assessment showed that in March, there were 173,281 “border encounters.” And the television news coverage amounted to 113 minutes. But in August, when there were 208,887 border encounters, a surge of 20.5%, coverage plunged to 6.5 minutes, down 94%, the report said.

“The crisis along the U.S. southern border is still terrible, and the liberal news media still don’t care,” the report said.

The tiny coverage came from four minutes, 12 seconds on NBC, two minutes and 16 seconds on CBS and “nothing – zero minutes and zero seconds,” on ABC.

While there was a “slight drop” in border headaches during August from July, the Supreme Court directed Biden to restore President Trump’s “remain in Mexico” practice, where asylum applicants wait outside the U.S. for their claim to process.

“Of the Big Three, only NBC Nightly News even bothered to note the Supreme Court ruling (94 seconds), which anchor Lester Holt cast as a ‘major defeat’ for Biden. Reporter Pete Williams included a soundbite from the ACLU’s Omar Jadwat praising Biden’s (now-rejected) policy move: ‘All kinds of terrible things happened to these people while they were [waiting in Mexico] trying to get protection under the laws of the United States,'” the report said.

Coincidentally, Fox News reported at the same time that the number of migrants, predominantly from Haiti, waiting under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas, doubled to more than 8,000 in a single day.

Sources told the network the scenario is “out of control.”

Fox reported, “It is the latest scene of chaos at the border as the Biden administration continues to struggle to handle a continued and relentless migrant surge, which has overwhelmed authorities and led to Republican claims that the administration’s immigration policies are to blame.”

The more than 208,0000 encounters for August is a 317% hike over August 2020.

Republicans have blamed the Biden administration’s rollback of Trump-era policies like border wall construction and the Migrant Protection Protocols, and say Biden’s plans simply are not working.

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