No process set up for requests for COVID mandate accommodations

Los Angeles, California (Pixabay)

The Los Angeles police department apparently has solved how to handle those pesky Christians and others who keep insisting on a religious exemption to mandates for COVID-19 vaccines – all of which used aborted infant cell lines for development or testing.

Simply don’t have a process to request one.

Lawyer Daniel Watkins has filed a lawsuit on behalf of multiple workers at the Los Angeles Police Department seeking to bar the city from depriving them of their rights to seek religious accommodations.

Watkins and the Pacific Justice Institute brought the action in response to the city’s imposition of a Sept. 7 deadline for employees, including workers, volunteers, interns, 120-day retired employees and others, to “submit religious accommodation requests and comply with mask requirements, physical distancing, weekly COVD-19 testing and vaccine training.”

The situation was, however, that “neither the city nor the LAPD implemented a procedure to submit or review religious accommodation requests before the deadline,” an announcement by Watkins revealed.

That leaves “hundreds of LAPD employees with no choice but to submit religious accommodation requests without direction.”

The action “shamed” the individuals seeking to protect their religious faith, and “cheated [them] out of those rights by their own department,” explained Brad Dacus, of PJI.

“We have asked the court to require the city to respect and immediately accommodate employees who have sincerely held religious beliefs,” he said.

The lawyers said the LAPD obstructed the processing of about half of the religious accommodation requests that were submitted, and hasn’t even bothered to process the others.

That leaves those workers with the requests unvaccinated and subject to “an onslaught of hostile demands, threats of being terminated, and accusations from commanding officers, such as statements that they lack ‘sympathy and caring’…”

The sole option workers eventually were given was to submit a request through an online portal that was open only a few hours over the weekend.

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