Pro-lifer cleared of stalking claim based on body cam footage

Charges against a pro-life advocate – brought by an abortion industry worker who claimed she was threatened – have been dropped following revelations from body cam footage that showed what really happened.

The allegations of stalking had been brought by India Gibbs, who claimed that pro-lifer John Ryan acted inappropriately against her, according to a report from the Thomas More Society.

See the interaction:

The encounter was at the Hope Clinic for Women abortion business in Granite City, Ill.

The legal team representing Ryan explained Gibbs had claimed that on Aug. 6, Ryan followed her while she was leaving her car in the parking lot, and filed a “Verified Petition for Stalking No Contact Order in court.

Gibbs claimed, according to her statement, “John Ryan agressively [sic] pursued me yelling insults as he began his pursiut [sic]. As I tried to unlock the door he stood within inches of me while yelling and attempted to stop me from opening the door.”

She continued, “The respondent stood in the doorway with me until I was able to slam it from the other side. Once inside the garage the respondent banged on the door and contiuned [sic] to yell obscenities about my pregnancy, threaten my unborn child, religions [sic] slurs & employment status.”

Brian Fellows, special counsel for the Thomas More Society, pointed out, “This woman’s accusations are just not true. John’s body camera recorded the entire incident from before its start to well past the end of his interaction with her. John spoke directly to her from a distance of over 15 feet away. He never got anywhere close to within reaching distance of the back door through which the woman entered the abortion facility. When she closed the door, John walked back to the front of the building.”

The report on the claims explained Ryan was “vindicated” by the outcome of the case.

“Transcription of the body cam video details the 16 seconds of speech that Ryan directed at Gibbs. As she walks from her car to the back entrance, Ryan begins speaking to her from a distance, saying, ‘You know we could get you another job – You haven’t been working here long, I don’t think. Have you looked it up?”

Ryan responds to Gibbs’ comment about a baby: “Your baby? What about these babies? … You don’t own your baby.”

The video shows Ryan walking toward Gibbs, but they never get close at all.

“She’s a gift from God,” pleads Ryan, “These children are a gift from God. These children are a gift from God.”

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