See the 'white privilege,' 'gender equity' indoctrination plans for kindergartners

An education website boasting that most American teachers use its lesson plans features thousands of plans for children as young as pre-K and kindergarten promoting gender-fluid, anti-white and anti-American ideology. calls itself “the go-to place for over 85% of U.S. educators to find teacher-created, teacher-tested classroom resources” and “has grown to reach over 5 million educators,” Alicia Powe reported for the Gateway Pundit.

The site has 5,552 lesson on the tenets of Black Lives Matter, 3,712 on critical race theory, 166 on white privilege and dozens on “gender equity.”

One plan, titled “Social Justice and Racial Equity Unit in Kindergarten,” urge pre-K to first grade children to become race-conscious.

“With your partner, who has lighter skin and whose is darker?” students are asked.

A lesson for kindergartners called “Pink Is For Boys- Lesson on Gender Equality” asks students to do activities that “focus on color and gender equality.”

Another, for kindergarten to third grade, called “Gender Equality Activities,” features books such as “Ballerino Nate.”

Lesson plan from Teachers Pay Teachers curriculum website

In an assignment called “Be YOUnique,” teachers are to read aloud “My Princess Boy,” which is about a boy who prefers to wear a pink dress and pretend he is a princess.” The teacher is to ask students “how this makes them feel.”

Among the topics in a lesson plan called “The Woke Classroom” is gender pronouns and how to use them, and guidelines for establishing a “safe space” and reducing “transphobia” in schools.

There’s a “Black Lives Matter Lessons and Activities” unit for kindergarten to sixth grade, and a social studies unit called “Social Justice Activities: Racism, Stereotypes, Privilege, Black Lives Matter” for middle schoolers to high school.

Among the books in the unit are “What is a Microaggression,” “What is Toxic Masculinity?” and “Understanding Privilege.”

Lesson plan from Teachers Pay Teachers

A book titled “White Like Me, Reflections From A Privileged Son” teaches students about George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, white privilege, white fragility and “the politics of race and racism through the anti-racist author’s viewpoint.”

The Gateway Pundit noted that “white privilege training” is opposed by a majority of both Republican and Democratic voters.

A survey in May by Competitive Edge Research found 74% of voters overall are “somewhat or strongly opposed” to such training.

And “gender equity” training is equally unpopular. The survey found 75% oppose teaching students that biological sex does not exist.

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