Shocking state plan opens door for 'doxxing' of voters

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A California bill would make the millions of citizens who have engaged in the democratic process of signing a petition to recall Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom vulnerable to retaliation, according to a state lawmaker.

Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley explained the bill would “expose the name and address of everyone who signs a Recall petition.”

It’s called “doxxing,” and in the internet age it means releasing the private information of opponents.

The plan already has been approved by the Senate Elections Committee.

The Associated Press reported it would allow politicians facing removal “to see the names of people who sign the petitions to oust them.”

Critics say that while the names are not supposed to be used for inappropriate activities, such as intimidation, the law “would discourage people from signing future petitions for fear of retaliation.”

Orrin Heatlie, an organizer of the Newsom recall, warned: “This is a dangerous and reckless bill. It would stifle the process.”

The proposal comes from Democratic state Sen. Josh Newman, who once was recalled and eventually reelected.

He claims it would allow politicians to make sure voters “weren’t duped” into signing the petitions. His plan is to let politicians explain to voters how to withdraw their signatures.

The AP said: “California is one of 19 states that allow citizens to recall politicians, which means they are removed from office before their terms are up. In California, recalls can be used to remove governors and other statewide elected officials, state lawmakers and local elected officials. The pending recall against Newsom, which has not yet qualified for the ballot, is likely to be the second gubernatorial recall election in state history.”

Currently, the names of Californians who sign recall petitions can be seen only by signature collectors, election officials and state lawyers.

Newman’s plan allows the target of the recall to have access to the name of every signer.

The targets then would be allowed “to determine whether signers understood the petition and want their names removed.”

Victoria Taft of PJ,Media said the bill would leave signers “vulnerable to the partisan wolves.”

“Organizers and supporters of the Recall Gavin Newsom campaign believe senate Democrats want to use their power to intimidate voters and put pressure on them to recant their desire to boot out the Democrat governor,” she wrote. “There’s punishment written into the law for third parties to dox the people who signed the petitions, but obviously the people on the recall campaign don’t trust the Democrats in charge.

“State law already allows campaigns to look at the petitions but the recall officials believe the individuals would be left to the cancel culture hate squads. How much pressure would it take to convince someone to remove their name from a recall petition … or else?”

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