The COVID Blitzkrieg: Can our liberties be restored?

By Joe Keysor

In 1940, the Germans defeated the French with incredible speed. The armies of fascism and totalitarianism simply went around their opponents’ elaborately constructed defenses, and the swift collapse of what had only recently been a major military power came shortly thereafter.

In a similar fashion, America’s strongest bulwark for the preservation of our most cherished liberties, embodied in the Constitution, has been neatly bypassed. The forces of collectivism, socialism and tyranny, uniquely American versions of Marxism and progressive dictatorship, moved swiftly through an undefended gap.

That gap was a wildly and deliberately exaggerated health crisis. A disease that has a low mortality rate for young and healthy people was used as a pretext for draconian denials of rights that not too long before had been considered inalienable. A swift expansion of government power into areas totally outside of its legitimate mandate followed. The rule of law was replaced by the arbitrary decrees of highly dubious “experts” and power-hungry politicians, and traditional legislative processes were abandoned in favor of irrational and socially destructive lockdowns and mandates.

The advocates of dictatorial government by unelected or dishonestly elected elites have come uncomfortably close to their century-old dream of a planned society. Much more is yet to come – and if they continue to progress at their current rate of speed, the American way of life as we have known it will come to an end.

Who are these people, who prefer the security of government control to the inherent risks of freedom in an open society? People who are deeply hostile to religion, to the free market system, to conservative moral and social values? Who despise the common and ordinary people whom they consider to be in need of direction and discipline from above?

Where did these people come from, who have no regard for traditional concepts of justice and law, and seek only power by any means possible? Who are either deliberately dismantling the territorial integrity of the United States or applauding those that do? Who are completely indifferent to the major problems that are sure to follow as a direct result of their actions, and have in fact already begun?

A great majority of them believe that the universe came about by accident. Uncontrolled, blind and random interactions of matter and energy created our world, and we as human beings are unintended byproducts of this. According to these people’s worldview, there is no higher meaning, no ultimate purpose, no eternal and abiding truths, and no existence beyond the grave.

This means that we are our own masters and may do what seems good in our own eyes. It also means that our sole happiness lies in this world and in the things of this world. That being so, it is of the utmost importance that the affairs of this life be arranged as fairly, as efficiently and as rationally as possible. This can only be achieved by the rule of experts and enlightened ones, since the alternative – the free choices of ordinary people at all levels – leads to waste, social inequities, insecurity, hardship, risk and the possibility of personal failure.

For many decades now these people have been diligently working to expand the role of government in all areas, in the belief that this is the best solution to the manifold problems of life. They have been remarkably successful. Greatly aided by the complacency, ignorance and passivity of those who hold to more traditional views of liberty and individual responsibility, the utopian so-called progressives have gradually consolidated an immense amount of power in government on all levels. They have also gained predominance in the mass media, the educational systems, in major corporations and in the popular imagination as well.

Where do they come from? They come from universities, high schools and grade schools in which little or nothing of real moral and spiritual value is taught. They come from families where they were raised without abiding standards of right and wrong. They come from a society, our society, that has increasingly embraced decadent lifestyles that mitigate against the development of intelligence, character and common sense. They have flourished freely with little or no opposition for decades, and are now perilously close to imposing their fantastical ideological dreams on us with the full force of the United States government.

Great transformations are being achieved with extraordinary speed. Driven by false ideologies, as well as by hostility toward and contempt for what America at its very best used to be, they are striving persistently to realize their ambitions. It remains to be seen how far they will be able to go. It may very well be that the 20th-century experiences of China, Russia, Cambodia and Germany will turn out to be more relevant to us than anyone could have dreamed even a short decade ago. Yet it may also be that sufficient exposure to the deadly nature of their ideological and social reconstructions will provoke a sufficient counter-reaction, once enough Americans realize the danger they are in.

Joe Keysor is a retired English teacher who has worked overseas for more than 25 years in Asia and the Middle East, and now lives in the Chicago area. He is the author of “Hitler, the Holocaust and the Bible” (Athanatos). His unfinished website is

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