The Kraken was lost … is it now emerging?

“Hey Ralph! You seen my Kraken around anywhere? I can’t find it.”

“Fugetaboutit, Max! Its an urban myth. There ain’t no stinkin’ Kraken.”

“Nuh-uh, Ralph. There is a Kraken. I know there’s a Kraken. It’s my Kraken, and I want to find it. Hey Norman! You seen my Kraken?”

“It’s not your Kraken, Max! C’mo,n man! It’s everyone’s Kraken. We was ALL waiting for it to get released. It must have just got released and then got away somehow.”

“Hey, Miss Julie! Ain’t you working with them True the Vote people? I heard maybe you found the Kraken. Where is it?”

“Well, Max. It just might be that we found part of the Kraken in Georgia, and it really looks like we might be starting to waken that bad boy up! There are a few other parts in other states. But we got some real to life Kraken DNA down here, and we’re pretty sure now we can patch that funky old Kraken back together again.”

So, the bad news is that we’re heading for a CCP Social Credit System, back here in the USSA. Just because it’s convenient we all put up public electronic billboards that can tell our masters where we are and what we’re thinking about, pretty much in real time. Australia and France are fixin’ to land on our shores. Let me see your papers. No? Let me see your cellphone. Oops, no vax! Off to the kangaroo court for you and then the Q-Camp. And now how ’bout that handsome old frog, Macron. No vax? No citizenship! And it’s already happening here, right now, right around the corner. No “correct” thought? No Mortgage! No bank account! No job! Sit down and shut up or pay with your livelihood!

And now, the good news. While we sit here on the edge of universal cancellation, that very same intrusiveness of the Fascist Information State may be riding to our rescue. We may have to pause for thought next time we want to shout, “Tyranny!” Or not … But it turns out that the folks at True the Vote putcell phone location technology to good use. And it proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the ballot boxes of Georgia got stuffed on an industrial scale. Vote harvesting in Georgia is strictly ILLEGAL. Paying vote harvesters for their illegal work is probably twice as illegal, if there is such a thing.

Breaking news from the

“Georgia Investigators have ‘Ballot Trafficker’ Who Is Talking — Admits to Being Paid THOUSANDS in 2020 Election Ballot Boxes Ballot Harvesting Scheme — 242 Ballot Traffickers Detected”

The Georgia ballot-trafficking whistleblower reportedly admitted to making $45,000 for stuffing Georgia ballot boxes from 2 to 5 a.m. in the morning. He was just one of 242 alleged ballot traffickers identified by the True the Vote investigation. There is a possibility of hundreds of thousands of ballots that were stuffed into the ballot boxes in Georgia!

Here’s how this worked, as now understood (by me). You can cast a data collection net over very specific times and exact locations down to the minute and second and within a few yards. There were public, unguarded vote drop boxes all over the place (especially in Democrat-controlled areas, and a lot of these financed by Mr. Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg). If the number of cellphone signatures at any one of these drop boxes was, say, 39, during a time that a couple thousand ballots were dropped there, then a certain light bulb goes off. As many times as that phenomenon recurs at multiple locations, one acquires an irrefutable indication that X thousand minus 39 votes were deposited by ballot harvesters. Could it be that, gosh oh golly, maybe a lot of people just don’t like to carry their cellphones with them when they cast their ballots? Sorry, but that dog won’t hunt either. There are apparently video records galore of individuals returning repeatedly and emptying the contents of their backpacks into said ballot drop boxes.

So, here’s how one shakes and wakes the Kraken and puts it to work. Here are the “battleground states” that forbid ballot harvesting. (They fall into the general category of allowing only specific people to be authorized to bring in someone’s ballot. This would be household members, family members caregivers, etc.):

Georgia (16 Electoral College votes)
Arizona (11)
Michigan (16)
Nevada (6)
New Hampshire (4)
Total: 53 Electoral College votes

States that stipulate as lawful a voter’s selection of “someone” to turn in his or her ballot:

Florida (29)
Iowa (6)
Minnesota (10)
Pennsylvania (20)
Virginia (13)

One would expect varying degrees of culpability to be directed at vote harvesters in these states. (Beyond present legal expertise.)

How did that old Kraken ever get lost? Was part of the Steal the Vote Plan to introduce any number of unsupportable challenges to the integrity of the vote, to muddy the waters and give credence to the claims of election fraud as being those of “conspiracy theorists”? Someday we may know.

For now, thanks to the valiant efforts of the folks working with True the Vote, we know clearly what happened in Georgia, and the direction ahead. What happens when even suspected fraudsters, like Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, are so utterly exposed that joining the call for further investigation is their only option?

Michigan, Arizona and Georgia alone would more than tip the Electoral College count to favor Trump as 2020’s righteously elected president. Nevada and New Hampshire should be strongly suspect. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Virginia should be also be getting ready for an onslaught of investigations.

And what happens if and when the decertifications of Electoral College votes start to pile up?

Only the Kraken knows.

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