Was it déjà vu, or a gas line circa 1970s?

It was like old times yesterday.

I was in a gas line – a big one!

It took more than an hour for me to find an open gas station, with most unable to obtain gasoline at $3 plus a gallon. The task, I realized, meant actual shopping. Not price comparison, mind you. It was all $3 plus. But at least half of the stations didn’t have any fuel. The shopping involved comparing the lengths of lines.

And worse, beggars couldn’t be choosers. Not all gas lines were equal. You had to choose a line and not know what kind of gas was available. The one I chose was the cheapest gas, low octane – but I have two Suburbans that run better on high octane.

After getting in line, it took me an hour to wait for gas in Fairfax County, Virginia.

The lines were not like Jimmy Carter’s.

This one had Joe Biden written all over it.

For those old enough to remember the 1970s, you will recall that the gas lines were caused by rationing. You were assigned a “gas day” by the president of the United States. Really. That was the main cause of the lines. It was meant to be a prevention but was actually the opposite. That’s the way government usually works.

Not for Joe Biden, however.

Tucker Carlson, a man I greatly admire, suspects Biden planned the crisis because he thinks we’re all gas guzzlers. We’re just in love with gasoline, and he thinks it’s his job to wean us off of it.

Of course, that’s crazy. But remember, this is the Biden administration.

Never mind that we have to work. Never mind that Americans like to travel freely. And never mind that Americans still have the archaic notion that we are sovereigns in this once great country.

Carlson warned that the disruption in the Colonial Pipeline and the resulting shortage panic is being carried out by design.

He said that the situation represents a “grimmer version of the 1970s,” with many states declaring emergency shortages and experiencing price gouging. We are told the responsible party is “some mysterious gang of cybercriminals [who] hacked the software at a major American fuel supplier.”

Here was his take on the situation. The entertaining Mr. Carlson declared: “The same lunatics who don’t believe in human biology immediately made a serious mess of our economy. It took them less than six months to do it.”

That would be the Biden administration, or whoever you think is running the country, making important decisions, like whether you can buy gasoline or not.

Comparing the scenes to Venezuela, rather than the 1970s, Carlson noted that the New York Times says this is just another “conspiracy theory.”

“On some level, let’s be honest about it, the White House approves of this disaster,” Carlson proclaimed, adding that “the lunatics plan to close every gas station in the entire United States, shuttered forever, to make way for some new as yet not quite defined means of transportation that will magically replace the gasoline engines that we have used for more than a hundred years.”

He’s not kidding. This is the ACTUAL PLAN.

Carlson continued, “Bad federal policies are distorting the price of everything in this country, from two-by-fours to diesel fuel to corn dogs.”

“None of this is an accident just as it wasn’t an accident when the power went out in Texas over the winter,” the host continued, adding “It wasn’t a cold snap that did it. It was a federal policy that encouraged the state to rely on windmills which don’t actually work. It’s not a natural cycle. Somebody did this to us on purpose,” Carlson warned.

Of course, with Joe Biden we’re only guessing. He may not even know the rest of the country is experience gas lines. It might not be making his briefings. He hasn’t done a thing to stop the border rush yet – during a pandemic!

They say this was caused by a ransomware attack crippling the Colonial Pipeline. If so, and this was masterminded by the Russians or Chinese, why isn’t Biden punishing the fiends who did it?

Maybe we’ll find out from White House press secretary Jen Psaki. Sure.

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