Why lifesaving early COVID treatment never got traction

In our pandemic world, the battle between good and evil boils down to this: advocates for wide use of cheap and effective early home COVID treatment vs. stronger forces pushing contagion controls and vaccines. Herein I will explain why the home-treatment movement has had little impact in that battle.

It is sinful that people infected by COVID are still requiring hospitalization and some dying. Early home treatment has been used by relatively few doctors, explaining why 70 to 80% of COVID deaths, over 300,000 Americans, have not been prevented. As I detail in Pandemic Blunder,” a massive amount of Real World Evidence, sanctioned by the 2016 federal Cures Act, supports this life-saving pandemic solution. It should have been a major national positive news meme. A pandemic solution, however, was not what powerful forces wanted to tell the public.

Unforunately, entities supporting the early home treatment solution to COVID have not cooperated and united to have the strength necessary to combat unified, collusive mainstream media, political and medical establishment powers.

The latter have prevailed in propagating propaganda, endlessly giving the public negative information, promoting fear. The public is showered with negative data on numbers of cases, hospitalizations, deaths and inadequate vaccine doses.

The negative paradigm has intentionally killed medical freedom to act quickly to help infected patients. Instead, powerful forces have favored freedom-killing contagion controls like lockdowns, school closings and mask mandating as well as expensive medicines for hospitalized victims and experimental vaccines (still lacking FDA approval) that the vast majority of people do not need.

Sadly, three organizations promoting use of the cheap, proven and effective protocols never united: America’s Frontline Doctors, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. These groups have not worked together to build awareness of and demand for the cure protocols. Competition has prevailed over cooperation. But it is not too late.

To prevail against the powerful forces ignoring or blocking early home COVID treatment, these three groups could and should see the benefit of working closely together to beat common enemies.

Some physicians and researchers with terrific credentials have acted individually using media opportunities to promote the protocols. Examples are: Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Dr. George Fareed, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Brian Tyson, Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter and Dr. Paul Alexander. All of these, and more, have worked endlessly to inform the public and politicians that since March 2020 real cures for COVID have been known and used successfully. But these doctors have not prevailed.

McCullough noted, in a major conference in October 2020, Fauci’s “entire message was contagion control, shelter in place and wait for a vaccine,” but nothing about early home treatment. He emphasized: “Early home treatment can be the only method for reducing hospitalizations and death once an individual gets sick.” Recently he said: “We have over 500,000 deaths in the United States. The preventable fraction could have been as high as 85 percent (425,000).”

Rajter, a proponent of ivermectin use, made the important point in December that “treatment for COVID-19 will need to remain on the forefront even after vaccination programs are initiated.”

This much is clear. Early on, the “negative coalition” under the leadership of the ubiquitous Fauci attacked the use of the cheap long-used generics hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Physicians McCullough and Tyson said publicly that when they contracted the COVID virus they took ivermectin, among other drugs, and recovered quickly.

Why so much opposition to the cheap generics? The desire for political power, profit-making by drug companies and leftist media domination.

True, huge numbers of people have revolted against invasive and abusive contagion controls. But mostly they have not known details about protocols to cure and prevent COVID infection.

The “negative coalition” has successfully squashed access to positive information. It has been suppressed by mainstream and big tech social media. It is only found in conservative media, many truth-telling alternative news podcasts, websites of the three pro-home treatment organizations and books like “Pandemic Blunder.” Do not confuse public opposition to lockdowns, masking and school closings with knowledge about and demand for proven treatment protocols.

Also important is that a number of people have used their media access only to condemn contagion controls and often vaccines.

A good example is Alex Berenson who, despite having no science or medical credentials, has garnered media attention for his attacks against lockdowns, masks and vaccines. Another example is Dr. Jay Bhattacharya who made a hit with his Great Barrington Declaration attacking the focus on contagion controls, mainly lockdowns.

However, these people have not been champions of early home COVID treatment and prevention – possibly to avoid all the negative media attention to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

In the final analysis, one person deserves the most credit for the limited success of the early home COVID treatment movement: Fauci. He skipped right over early medical actions to keep pushing contagion controls, expensive drugs for hospitalized patients and now vaccines.

Just days ago, Fauci said he would have been horrified if he knew a year ago that 500,000 Americans would eventually lose their lives to COVID-19. (Interestingly, the real number is over 560,000 deaths.) He has never taken responsibility for blocking early home treatments that could have saved most of those lives. It seems that doing so does not weigh on his conscience. The leftist media will continue to make him a pandemic hero. What a lie that is.

It’s clear that wide use of the cure protocols requires unity and cooperation to stand any chance of success against Fauci and his allies.

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