We’ve all been there, either in the front or back seat, asking the question or trying to answer it as the car follows another just like it down the road. I’m certainly glad that it’s usually kids in the back seat impatiently asking the question – not entire nations looking for their destiny.

Perhaps the answers haven’t changed that much, though. Mom and Dad told us whatever they thought would quiet us down. Today, those who wonder themselves are often telling us what they heard from their parents: “Quiet down! We’ll get there when we get there!”

Sometimes, one or the other of us will notice the driver doesn’t look much like Mom or Dad. We sit there, wondering … just who is this driving the car? Where in the world are we going?

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If you are riding in the car being driven by the globalists, you have my sympathy. You are probably going to replace a deceased lab rat from a previous experiment that didn’t end well. Your destination is likely well camouflaged. They basically need your DNA. They are not going to bother asking, either.

If you are riding in the clean, white, shiny car then congratulations on choosing one of the Trinity as your driver. Expect to arrive calm and relaxed at your destination. You will find that your driver can answer any of your questions, always tells you the truth, and seems to know a lot about the driver and passengers in the other car, too! He may, however, know more than He tells you about your ultimate destination and the scheduled arrival time.

If you expected to see only people from your church or denomination, you will likely be disappointed. If you expect to see vast crowds of people at the destination, all prepared and ready to leave this earth, you may want to ask your driver if this is the right place to get out of the car. Pay attention to what He says, for many are called but few are chosen. The end times are not for sissies. Think of the Jews, the Egyptians and the Promised Land. Don’t miss your stop! Did any of them get exactly what they expected?

God gave the Jews in Egypt the Promised Land. It just didn’t happen exactly the way they expected, or when they expected. It behooves us to remember that God often does things together that we had no idea were connected. I’m looking for God to surprise all of us in the way he delivers today’s Promised Land, as He brings His slaves out of today’s Egypt and gives them their promised land.

The Babylonian financial system is over. God expects His Church to show the world what a people fully committed to their Lord can do, when the evil restraints are removed. If you jump ahead and wait for the Rapture, you will miss what God can do with a people fully committed to His Perfect Plan, as the Body and the Head become one.

Reconnaissance, Volume I in the Armageddon Story novel series. (craigemcmillan.com)

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