Yikes! Biden can't even get 'cheap shot' at Sarah Palin correct

Sarah Palin (Video screenshot)

In today’s episode of “Joe Biden, America’s gaffe-master,” the politician and president who is nearing octogenarian status couldn’t even get a “cheap shot” right.

Social media reports he was boasting about how during the Barack Obama administration he worked with almost every governor.

Except one.

The one who “could see Alaska from her porch,” he claimed.

The problem is that the old joke was from a Saturday Night Live featuring Tina Fey who actually said, while impersonating Palin, a former Alaska governor and a vice presidential candidate when Sen. John McCain was the Republican Party’s ballot-topper, “I can see Russia from my house.”

Biden was signing the new trillion dollar infrastructure spending package Monday when he veered off course.

“At the signing ceremony for the infrastructure bill, President Joe Biden gave credit to all of the governors he worked with during the Obama administration, ‘save one,'” said a report from Twitchy.

“It looks like he was going for the ‘Saturday Night Live’ dig but didn’t get it quite right.”

Social media commenters lined up to try to steer him back to reality.

“I bet she can, since she … lives in Alaska,” said one.

“Well she lives there,” added another.

“I would sincerely hope she could,” said a third.

“He even got the joke wrong. And it was a joke,” said another.

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