A contrarian Trump scenario for 2024

When state security services like the CIA or KGB want to plant an essential top-tier agent deep into enemy territory, they build a narrative around him that makes his loyalty to that enemy’s agenda seem unassailable. Intelligence and law enforcement agencies do the same thing – like infiltrating the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers with agents seemingly more zealous than the actual members – endeavors that are usually managed far more competently than the OBiden J6 clown show and the amateurishly staged Gretchen Whitmer “kidnapping.” Only a blatantly corrupt and complicit judiciary is preventing these schemes from total implosion. Imagine how much worse things would be for us if actual pros were running those operations.

OR, is that what we are intended to conclude as part of a deeper and more devious design? Is all this agitation and chaos just the set-up to sell us a “deliverer” who we decide is our only hope to save us, but then turns out to be a false “messiah” – just like the Great Reset is being set up by the Great Collapse?

Let’s look at all these current events in the prophetic context, first through the lens of end-time theories we’re pretty familiar with, and then to align what we discover with the most relevant deliverer analogy in Bible history.

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Sticking with our statecraft metaphor and the question of competence, in the case of the emerging Antichrist Kingdom, we’re taking about the ULTIMATE state security apparatus, under the Ultimate “Great Deceiver,” Satan, who has been granted permission by God to conquer and rule the earth for a short time (Revelation 13:7). Jesus Himself warns in Matthew 24:24 that “if it were possible even the elect would be deceived” by the Satanic plan, how much more so the worldly minded and those who are only nominally Christian?

And we are warned by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2, “Let no one deceive you in any way, for it [the Day of the Lord’s return] will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness – the son of destruction– is revealed.” Thus there will be a period of time (most likely the first half of a Shemitah-cycle, three and a half years) in which the Antichrist operates behind a veil of deception that causes the world to believe he is the Messiah.

So, the prophetic context in which Antichrist emerges is one in which the world welcomes and heralds him as the deliverer. Deception is the watchword – of a degree only the “elect” can escape. In the first-century context, “elect” meant Jesus-accepting Jews, but I think that category today includes all Christians with an understanding of the Hebrew cultural context of the prophecies. And, of course, that includes all believers who actually listen to the Holy Spirit, unshackled from human doctrinal limitations.

Who is “the world” in this context? Remember that unless otherwise indicated by context, all prophecy should be viewed from the perspective of Israel and within the same Hebrew cultural context implicit in all the prophecies. He will thus be perceived primarily as the deliverer of Israel, with secondary benefit to the rest of the world.

However, America holds a special place in end-time prophecy because of its close parallel to the Israelite Republic. I’ve done a lot of study and written several articles on this theme over the past few years. Amazingly, our world-changing U.S. Constitution was only ratified after a political logjam was broken by Rev. Samuel Longdon’s sermon “The Republic of the Israelites an Example to the American States” (1788). And if you recognize that America’s first constitution was the Pilgrim’s covenantal oath called the Mayflower Compact in November 1620 – our republic lasted exactly 400 years – until the Marxist coup of November 2020. The duration of the Israelite republic is held to have been 400 years – an important symbol in biblical numerology.

Both republics were defined by self-determination under the rule of law: the Mosaic law for the Hebrews, and a sequence of Bible-based constitutional law frameworks for the Americans, the most lasting set beginning with Americans first organic law, the Declaration of Independence (another covenantal oath), upon which rested the Articles of Confederation, which were replaced by the U.S. Constitution.

But what’s most interesting are the parallels of America and ancient Israel in the transition from a republic to an autocracy. For 400 years in which “Judges” were raised up only in times of crisis, the 12-tribe Hebrew nation enjoyed self-determination under the Mosaic Law and the general authority of the House of Israel based at Shiloh. In the end, the people fell so far away from God that they disrespectfully used His Ark as a “magic charm” to try and defeat the Philistines, who then stole it from them (I Samuel 5). Shiloh’s authority was broken then, and the city became a symbol of reproach. God shifted governmental authority to the House of Judah, which would eventually reign through a monarchy from Jerusalem, per the prophecy of Jacob in Genesis 49:10.

It is that interim period, from the collapse of the republic to the rise of the monarchy under David (a type of Christ), that parallels our situation today in America. The Israelites rejected their republic and demanded a king. In 2020, the Americans “rejected” their republic in favor of top-down centralized government. The first king the Israelites got under their new system was King Saul – a wicked man with dementia. The first “king” Americans got under the new system was Joe Biden – a wicked man with dementia.

In Israel under Saul, David was actually anointed by God to reign, but Saul refused to relinquish the throne and instead devoted all of his energy to destroying David. In America, Joe Biden wrongfully occupies the White House, preventing the duly elected President Trump from reigning, and devotes all of his energy trying to destroy Trump.

If the pattern holds, our King Saul will be replaced in 2024 by Donald Trump, the David figure, who is a type of Christ. But that would mean he would be the false Christ, because the real Christ will only return at the end of the great tribulation (per Matthew 24:29-30), just before the outpouring of God’s wrath on the wicked – Revelation 19:11-21.

I like Trump and don’t want this to be true, but already he’s being spoken of in messianic terms as the world’s only hope (a characterization his personality type would unfortunately seem inclined to embrace after a victorious return to the presidency), and we’re still more than a year away from the 2024 election, with the Great Collapse likely to occur in the interim, driving the entire world to desperation and unprecedented susceptibility to savior-hunger.

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