Did Biden make a deal with the devil in February 2020?

Joe Biden, or whoever is really running our country, surrendered Afghanistan and then forgot our allies and tens of thousands of our own citizens facing near certain death by the Taliban.

Joe Biden opened the border wide to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in the midst of a pandemic that’s on the way to seeing COVID shots required for citizens.

Joe Biden, in connection with Big Tech and the media, which continue to blacklist Donald Trump, is trying his best to prevent his predecessor from ever running for president again.

You would almost have to be willfully blind not to see the effects of the 2020 election on our country and not accept the reality that our vote was rigged, fraudulent, stolen.

What is there left to prove?

How it was carried out?

I wish I knew the details.

We’ll find out at some point – but we don’t have the luxury of waiting.

The fact of the matter is we are losing America, where the will of the people has always counted.

As we see the nation fall quickly away from its heritage and constitutional moorings, we are seeing surefire proof that 2020 was a SELECTION rather than an election.

Think about it. Was there anything more obvious than the way Biden was SELECTED through the Democratic primaries?

I can point to the exact day – Feb. 29, 2020. That was a good day for Biden – the South Carolina primary SELECTION. If we were to look for a tipoff, this would be it. It followed a strong endorsement by Rep. Jim Clyburn, a powerful member of the House of Representatives. There must have been quite a bit of arm-twisting involved because Biden had not previously won a primary. He won 61% of the black vote of South Carolina that day, all 46 counties and 60% of all voters.

Let’s remember that Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer all pulled out the race beforehand. That, however, did not negatively affect the “turnout.”

Want to know what it was?

Participation in the 2020 South Carolina presidential primary was significantly higher than it was in the 2016 presidential primary. How much higher? 168,369 voters higher. Official election results indicate that 539,263 votes were cast. That was higher even than the 2008 election of Barack Obama.

Everything started percolating for Biden at that moment. I wonder why?

One tipoff was how high the “turnout” was. The Democrats were also desperate. That’s what we saw when the Democrats were agreeing on a candidate. Biden didn’t seem to have any legs. But neither did anybody else. He was pushed as a “moderate” Democrat, but he hasn’t been anything like a “moderate.”

So, why the rush to quit the primaries and endorse Biden by Klobuchar and especially Buttigieg? Maybe the conspiracy – and that’s what it had to be – started that day.

I don’t know, but it’s a possibility.

But the real story is Biden.

Nothing in his political history reveals him to be the most radical president. It’s just his willingness to do ANYTHING to be president. Did he make a deal with the devil? He would have to.

We just don’t know in what form the devil came to him.

But we will soon find out. Or lose the country forever.

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