Bin Laden prophesied Biden's incompetence

As if the information coming out now about details surrounding our withdrawal from Afghanistan and the evolving situation there could not get worse, it has, further demonstrating President Joe Biden’s incompetence. The following data points are but a few of many that should leave us wondering who is in charge:

  • The withdrawal plan, making no effort to include those Afghans who had assisted us during the war, also failed to prioritize the withdrawal of our own citizens. Due to a lack of prior planning, we still do not know exactly how many Americans are trapped as no effort was attempted to find out beforehand. Meanwhile, a State Department advisory informs them their best chance for survival is to hide – not real hopeful advice due to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s earlier statement the U.S. lacks the capability to provide safe passage to the airport.
  • As pressure mounted to address the above, Biden acted as if he alone had authority to extend the Aug. 31 deadline by which U.S. forces are to be out of the country. He sent CIA Director William Burns to secretly meet with Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar to discuss an extension. But Biden, who claimed under his administration diplomacy was back, failed to grasp the fact it is difficult to negotiate with an enemy when you have already surrendered all your bargaining chips. Baradar has refused to grant any extension – even rejecting a 24-hour one, indicating Aug. 31 is a red line.
  • Pathetically, the Biden administration is left pleading with the Taliban to go easy on those trapped behind if they hope to win approval of the international community. (Just like Biden’s failure to give U.S. citizens evacuation priority, it is extremely doubtful the Taliban will give savoring favor with the international community priority.)
  • As Biden assured us the Taliban was allowing Americans to pass through to Kabul airport, Austin contradicted the president, reporting that they were being assaulted.
  • As Biden prepared to send over $400 million that was slated to go to the Afghan government but would now fall into Taliban hands, Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., fortunately intervened to stop it.
  • An untold number of potential terrorists may now be roaming Kabul airport, on their way to the U.S., as the Biden administration sent out thousands of generic visas, lacking names, to ease the process for departing Americans but which can easily be copied and used for ulterior motives.
  • There are two actions taken by Biden that strongly suggest the only reason he did so was to spite President Donald Trump despite their devastating impact on the current situation: 1) To prevent another 2012 Benghazi incident in which a U.S. ambassador was killed, Trump had established the Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau. This system was designed to defend American citizens caught abroad during times of crisis, such as we see now in Afghanistan, but was inexplicably dissolved by Biden just months before the withdrawal. 2) Although Trump had fired Russell Travers as acting head of the National Counterterrorism Center, Biden rehired him to lead the interagency process on the evacuation operation.
  • White House notes of a telcon between Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron appear to have deleted the latter’s reference to America sharing with other nations the “moral responsibility” to protect endangered Afghan nationals.
  • In 2014, five high-profile Taliban terrorists were released from the Guantanamo Bay prison, in exchange for U.S. Army deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. President Barack Obama assured us their terrorist days were over as their activities would be restricted in Qatar where they were being sent. Obama chose to release them despite being informed one of the five, Khairullah Khairkhwa, was too dangerous to release. Khairkhwa is one of Afghanistan’s takeover masterminds. A recent report indicates 229 released Gitmo terrorists returned to their trade.
  • As Biden dickers, British troops and privately funded groups are busy saving the lives of trapped Americans and Christian Afghans.
  • Rather than tying a U.S. military withdrawal date to the situation on the ground, there is an indication the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11 played a role in Biden’s insistence U.S. troops be out of Afghanistan by Aug. 31 so he could announce same. Astonishingly, Biden aides said they were “too scared” to challenge Biden and his national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, about the deadline.
  • In light of America’s retreat from Afghanistan, it has become a retreat for terrorists. Not only is the Taliban present (there are actually two Taliban groups competing for power – the rank and file who have been fighting in Afghanistan and their international leadership who took safety elsewhere), but al-Qaida and ISIS are roaming the streets as well. The hardline al-Qaida group Haqqanis is also seeking to establish their influence.
  • Biden’s complete lack of coordination with NATO forces has earned him condemnation by the British Parliament, which holds him in contempt. British ministers openly accuse Biden of having gone “completely mad.” Armin Laschet – expected to be Germany’s next chancellor – called it “the greatest debacle that NATO has seen.” Even previous Biden supporters such as Obama’s former campaign guru David Axelrod calls the withdrawal a disaster.
  • There are signs Biden’s actions have created a divisive NATO as some members, realizing they can no longer rely upon America, call for a collective European security force.
  • Our allies are so disturbed by Biden’s incompetence that several have turned to Russia to help evacuate their citizens from Afghanistan.
  • A non-responsive Biden to world leaders’ calls left Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling Hillary Clinton to get answers about what is going on in Afghanistan.
  • In the wake of the chaos in Afghanistan, leftists both in the U.S. and U.K. unbelievably seek reparations for the Taliban due to 20 years of disastrous military intervention.
  • As progressives encourage Taliban recognition, they remain silent about Afghan gays who fear for their lives.
  • There are indications U.S. forces were so pressed by the Aug. 31 date, they had insufficient fuel, having to buy it from the Taliban.
  • As the situation in Afghanistan remains uncertain as Biden’s staff provides contrary answers to those the president gives, reporters seek assurance from Secretary of State Antony Blinken that Biden knows what is going on in Afghanistan. They fail to get it as Blinken dodges giving an answer.
  • Afghan women are living in fear as Taliban goes on their hunt for sex slaves.

Ironically, a dead man prophesied Biden’s incompetence. In a May 2010 letter, 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden circulated a letter to his al-Qaida terrorist followers not to target then-Vice President Biden. He believed, should Biden inherit the presidency, he would “lead the U.S. into a crisis.” Apparently, the only way bin Laden could see Biden becoming president was by inheritance, wrongly crediting American voters with being smarter than they were.

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