'Existential threat': WND seriously needs your help

The First Amendment prohibits Congress from passing any legislation abridging freedom of speech or the press or prohibiting the free exercise of religion.

But what if freedom of speech, of the press and of the free exercise of religion were attacked by some other powerful entities – instituting speech codes, mandating insidious forms of “political correctness,” discriminating against certain religious beliefs and extending the reach of only approved press outlets at the expense of independent voices?

Well, all that is happening – right now, out in plain view. You know it, I know it. It happened to President Donald Trump and others, and it has happened to us – WND!

As president, Trump was banned from Twitter and humiliated by Big Tech. And we in the honest press were DEMONETIZED PERMANENTLY by both Google and YouTube. We’re not alone. It’s happening with increased regularity these dark days.

I’m talking about the grave risk to open, unimpeded and meaningful communications within the U.S. posed by Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon and Big Tech in general – monopolistic companies very much in need of some government scrutiny and oversight if America’s heritage of freedom is to survive for another generation.

I’m not overstating the case.

When both the president of the United States and WND, a leader in the media for 25 years, can be so sabotaged in plain sight and without recourse, you know the First Amendment is in real danger.

There was a time not long ago when the federal government concerned itself with matters like media cross-ownership rules in major markets that might restrict the free flow of information and debate in one city or another. It seemed like it was important to keep competition among media companies vibrant, so many different voices and points of view could be heard, viewed and read.

Today, the situation has radically changed. Companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube and Amazon all think alike and control the most pervasive form of media the world has ever known – digital communications.

At least three of the four employ a heavy-handed, radical, left-wing, unaccountable, politically and religiously motivated speech cop, the Southern Poverty Law Center, to help them keep opposing viewpoints from getting any visibility or attention. Speech codes, on a national and international scale, are being imposed. Political and religious blacklists are being employed. While you can still get on a soapbox on a street corner in America and say what you want, access to the real means of communication is denied on the basis of political and religious viewpoint.

Remember how they all stepped in and prevented the New York Post from spreading the truth about the Biden Crime Family – during an election year! Now they all admit it was true – many months AFTER the rigged election.

All of this is transforming free speech in America into something increasingly resembling the totally controlled Chinese media and the tragedy and misery it facilitates in that communist country.

There is an uprising against this trend, but it’s not organized. Citizens are largely deprived of the truth because this cartel controls the flow of information on a macro-scale. I might as well be walking up and down the street wearing a sandwich board proclaiming “The end is near,” in writing this message to you today.

Do you know what’s near? The end of free speech in America – the one nation with the common sense and foresight to have placed protections for it in the FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION!

Even given how unpopular the current regime is with Joe Biden in charge, we may not have another free election again. Do you understand the magnitude of what I’m saying? Do you want to live like this?

For 25 years next month, WND, or WorldNetDaily, has championed the cause of “a free press for a free people,” performing the vital job of fearlessly reporting the truth – something the “mainstream media” pretend to do, but, as is now painfully obvious to almost everyone, does not.

Even though Elon Musk may buy out Twitter, there’s no billionaire coming to rescue us.

There are no millionaires or billionaires supporting WND, as is the case with other top-tier alternative media organizations. We at WND have always earned our own way. The good side of that arrangement is, we’ve never been beholden to anyone other than the Good Lord and you.

I’m asking you to help us in this time of urgent need. It’s not easy to make a plea like this to you, our faithful readers, and I do so in all humility.

I’ll lay it out for you straight: To survive the many current attacks against WND that threaten to shut us down and – very frankly – make it almost impossible for us even to pay our dedicated journalists, we need to raise $100,000 as quickly as possible.

I’m asking for the help of those who recognize the unique role WND plays in reaching the God-fearing American audience that, like us, supports limited government, national sovereignty and the traditional Judeo-Christian values that made America great.

How? Please click the link to HELP WND.

God bless you for taking the time to read this plea. And please keep WND in your prayers. Have a happy Easter or Passover.


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