Here's the real reason Martha's Vineyard kicked out the migrants

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During the “humanitarian crisis” that immediately developed when 50 illegal aliens showed up in the exclusive, mostly Democratic enclave of multi-million-dollar seasonal mansions, a question arose in my mind.

Why would anyone be surprised that the exclusivists
Our other home is in the Tribeca or Upper East Side or Battery Park section of New York
– got upset when illegal aliens without DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Leaf Blowers or household staff uniforms showed up in their neighborhoods? They’re not welcome as pool cleaners; after all, we can’t have illegals looking at the mothers and daughters wearing bikinis.

Why else do their kind live in the areas they do? Why else do they artificially inflate the property values? It’s to keep out those they deem undesirable. There’s no Section 8 Housing in the neighborhoods they live in.

This brings me to a few truths that should be pointed out.

Let’s start with Margaret Sanger, the patron saint of Planned Parenthood. Sanger wasn’t advocating the systematic extermination of the children of families living in the zip codes of the upper crust, e.g., the Daisy Buchanan types who looked down upon Jay Gatsby. And Gatsby had money.

Sanger and her eugenicist Marxists followers were interested exclusively in ridding the neighborhoods of Negros and poor whites, both of who were by definition “niggers” to her and her kind.

Democrats wrested the Ku Klux Klan from the control of Nathan Bedford Forrest and weaponized it into a terrorist group to subjugate the former slaves. This was accomplished by the efforts of simple-minded farmers who craved the applause, notoriety and the attention it afforded them.

The greatest lie of the Democrats is that they’re for the people.

Democrats, from their inception, have been demonic caricatures feigning sincerity and propriety when in reality they’re home to socialists, Fabian Democratic socialists, Nazis, communists, neo-Leninists and Marxists. Albeit, it is Marxism that has secured the souls of the majority of Democrats, with neo-Leninism running a close second.

Thus my question of why would anyone be surprised that these epsilons of humanity would view 50 illegal aliens in Martha’s Vineyard, a town of 17,000, as a humanitarian crisis but view approximately 50,000 illegal aliens in a town like Del Rio, Texas, with 34,584 legal citizens not a crisis.

Illegal aliens, unsafe neighborhoods, failed school systems, ad nauseum don’t exist in their sphere of society. These things exist where the sub-humans and workers live. They’re the sky dwellers, living in comfort with the cave-dwelling, surface peoples toiling at their feet.

The schools their children attend aren’t failing nor are they subject to the lies of the 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory, etc. In the schools they attend, math requires exact answers, not credit based upon melanin if you’re close. The teachers at the schools their children attend don’t go on strikes nor do they hold entire tax districts hostage for raises.

They allow those such as the pompous Joy Reid to appear on television for pay as long as she spreads lies and hatred.

The MSNBC host is not alone in knowingly speaking lies to ingratiate herself for a few crumbs gathered without pride or dignity. She and all those like her – from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and the rest of her coven of Halloween congressional sisterhood – are not free. They’re slaves to the whims and directives of those they bark and rollover for – for what amounts to a pittance. But, even a pittance seems like a lot for those who have sold their souls and given their bodies for the usage of their handlers.

This is how Marxism works, and very few grasp that truth, not least of which is because the major mediums of information don’t share the simple truths I’ve just stated.

That which I’ve shared is the key tenet of Marxism: All history is the history of class struggle. That is to say that everyday life is shaped, changed, and maintained by classes who attempt to exert control over the whole of society.

What’s not recognized and understood in this most basic tenet of Marxism is that it’s the elitists – such as those who view 50 illegals as a humanitarian crisis when it’s their town but they don’t give a rat’s tail what filth shows up on our doorsteps – who are inciters of acrimony.

Especially, when the destabilization of our neighborhoods works to their advantage, because it allows them,  with wraithlike obfuscation, to pit us one against another while they’re hiding in the shadows.

This is yet one more reason true Christendom is a threat to them, as it was to Marx. It’s because as true, born-again Christians, we’re free. We’re not subject to their lies and manipulations, and, when obedient, we share with others our message of the truth of Christ.

This is also why President Trump poses such a threat to their minions. From the Clintons to the Obamas to Karl Rove and everything in between, they’re owned and indebted to those exclusivists who own the Democratic Party. President Trump is not.

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