Officials blasted for awarding 'Star of Italy' to terror supporter

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem (Pixabay)

Officials with the Palestinian Media Watch, which monitors, analyzes and publishes developments in the Palestinian media world, say they are insisting that Italy overturn the decision to award the “Star of Italy” honor to Sabri Saidam.

It’s because Saidam is described by the PMW as a “Palestinian terror supporter.”

“Did the Italian president know that former PA minister of education Saidam has praised murderers of hundreds of Israeli civilians when he awarded him the ‘Order of the Star of Italy?” the organization asked.

The organization said it was calling on Italian President Sergio Mattarella to withdraw the award.

Among other circumstances, PMW reported, Saidam “promoted naming a square after terrorist murderer Dalal Mughrabi, who led [the] killing of 37.”

Further, Saidam “promoted the PA’s antisemitic narrative, posting a PA TV video that explained the Balfour Declaration as the solution to the fact that Europe ‘was sick of the behavior of the Jews at the time, and therefore it planned to get rid of them.”

The award, PMW reported, is for those “who have worked for an promoted friendly relations with Italy.”

“Upon receiving the presidential honor from Italian Consul General Giuseppe Fedele ‘in appreciation of his role in the education sector and in strengthening Palestinian-Italian cooperation,’ Saidam wasted no time and dedicated the award to all Palestinian terrorists – be they ‘Martyrs who are the living above ground’ or ‘Martyrs who are under the ground’ – i.e., imprisoned terrorists or terrorists who were killed while attacking Israelis,” PMW reported.

The organization reported, “While the Italians possibly did not know that Saidam would immediately dedicate the order to murderers, they should have known that the former PA minister of education is a terror supporter with a rich history of glorifying and praising terrorist murderers, disseminates Antisemitism and rejects Israel’s right to exist.”

Among events that PMW reported were publicly available were Saidam’s ceremony that honored “murderer Karim Younes,” his glorification of “arch-terrorist Abu Jihad who was responsible for the murder of least 125,” and more.

Saidam, in fact, said of Jihad, “We have learned from him perseverance, affiliation, modesty, continuity, determination, resolve, refusing frustration and shaking off despair, emphasizing the role of the many in igniting the fire of revolution, and emphasizing our unity with the land and people.

“Therefore, Abu Jihad reminds [us] that the path of struggle lives in all of our public, reminds [us] of the heritage of the modern Palestinian revolution, and also reminds [us] of the school of armed struggle, which the Fatah Movement was proud of and affiliated with for a long time.”

In the same spirit, Saidam honored as “illustrious” the mother of 6 imprisoned terrorists who in total have murdered at least 10 Israelis, and expressed his support for the PA’s “Pay-for-Slay” reward program according to which the PA pays salaries to terrorists, the report said.

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