Report: Man who stripped down in women's spa identified as sex offender

The controversy over a man who went into a women’s spa in Los Angeles and exposed himself, claiming to be a woman, has taken an odd turn.

It seems the New York Post is reporting a “warrant was issued in Las Angeles County for the arrest of 52-year-old Darren Merager, of Riverside, Calif., based on five felony counts of indecent exposure.”

But that’s not the only update in the dispute over his presence in the women’s area of the Wi Spa in Los Angeles.

The report explained that, “Law enforcement sources revealed that Merager is a tier-one registered sex offender with two prior convictions of indecent exposure stemming from incidents in 2002 and 2002 in California.”

A commentary at Twitchy said, “We’ve told you about some of the protests outside of Wi Spa in Los Angeles, where a woman complained that a biological male exposed himself in the women-only section of the spa. Counter-protesters accused the woman and her supporters of being transphobic, and things got violent more than a few times.”

The Post said it was back in June that a woman patronizing the spa complained a man exposed his private parts in their facility.

“Sources with knowledge of the case but not authorized to speak publicly say four women and a minor girl came forward” to make allegations about Merager.

Merager denied the claims, in an interview with the Post. Merager claimed that “everything” about the Wi Spa bunch was “garbage and lies.”

But the report explained a flyer from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said, “Merager claims to identify as female so he can access women’s locker rooms and showers.”

The fracas that triggered the dispute was captured on a viral video at the time, illustrating the problem with males who “identify” as female — while maintaining their God-given private parts — using facilities designated for women.

An irate woman is heard on the video demanding to know why a man was allowed to walk around naked in an area reserved for females, including little girls, BizPacReview reported

The response of the front-desk employee she confronted is muffled, but he apparently made a reference to sexual orientation.

“What sexual orientation?” the woman fires back. “I see a d***. That lets me know he’s a man … he is not a female.”

Pointing out that other women were highly offended and traumatized as well, she demanded to know the company policy.

“So Wi Spa is in agreement with men that just say they are women, and they can go down there with their penis, and get into the women’s section? Is that what you’re saying?” she asks.

She wants to know if the reverse is also allowed.

“So women can go into the men’s with their breasts?” she asks.

See the video (WARNING: Coarse language):


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In the video, a male customer interjects, apparently trying to explain that the person is transgender.

“There’s no such thing as transgender,” the woman replies. “He has a d*** … as a woman, I have a right to feel comfortable without a man exposing himself.”

She says it’s “traumatizing to see that.”

“You’re sorry? You should be, sweetie, and you’re out of alignment,” she tells the man.

The woman drew widespread praise on social media.

Well done to that brave woman,” said one Twitter user. “She didn’t just stand up for herself, she stood up for all women. Shame on these men who think it’s in their gift to give dictate and erase the boundaries of women and girls.”

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