Some very basic questions Big Pharma refuses to answer about mRNA vaccines

By Michael W. Schisler

What would you think if you learned that Big Pharma had come up with a massive money-saving manufacturing improvement that completely revolutionizes the vaccine industry? Without knowing the details, you might think “Science is awesome! They make more money and we pay less and live healthier lives! It’s a win-win!”

But what if you then discovered that Big Pharma’s profit-bloating manufacturing improvement is actually a shortcut instead of an improvement? And worse, that their manufacturing shortcut is … you?

Welcome to the brave new world of mRNA vaccination.

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Before we get too far too quickly, let’s review – at an executive level – how mRNA/nanolipid technology works. Also note that while the COVID vaccine was the first mRNA vaccine product unleashed upon humanity, if the WHO and Dr. Tedros have their way it surely will not be the last. So, it’s important to review the technology that applies to all such mRNA vaccines, be they for COVID, flu or any other malady.

To summarize, mRNA/nanolipid technology employed for human vaccination works by inserting synthetic mRNA strands into human cells. These foreign mRNA strands then hijack the cells to force them to manufacture whatever vaccinating molecule the inserted mRNA strands are coded for.

Of course, the descriptions originating from Big Pharma, FDA, NIH, CDC, etc. aren’t nearly so obtuse as to use words such as “hijack,” “force,” “foreign,” “manufacture” and so forth. But these words are transparently descriptive of how these products actually work, and were probably avoided by Big Pharma and their allies for a reason.

When we view mRNA/nanolipid technology through the pragmatic lens of it being “a technology to hijack our cells”, the first question many of us have is: “Why isn’t Big Pharma hijacking bacteria or employing some other method of synthesis to manufacture these vaccinating agents instead of hijacking my cells?”

Great question.

Other than stating the obvious that it costs a whole lot more to employ those methods than it costs to simply hijack human cells to manufacture and release the agent right inside the human body, I’ll let Big Pharma answer this question for themselves. And they can have their answer publicly scrutinized by the world’s scientific community.

It appears that other even more profitable reasons for Big Pharma to use mRNA/nanolipid technology also exist, given the current regulatory environment. But that’s another article for another day.

Some readers may be thinking “This article is pure conspiracy theory!”

And if your assertions are correct, then Big Pharma, FDA, NIH, CDC and the rest should gladly answer a few of the most basic consumer-oriented questions imaginable about how their mRNA/nanolipid products work inside of your human body. Right?

So, let’s ask them just three exceedingly basic questions.

The first is: “Since your products are designed to hijack my cells, which tissue/cell types will get hijacked?”

Searching reveals information indicating that the design of the products is to hijack only muscle cells at the injection site. Searching also reveals information from third party researchers showing that the reality in the field is that any number of tissue/cell types can be, and are, hijacked (see section 3.2 at this link).

Which of course raises all sorts of concerns when we view the array of issues reported in VAERS that arose concurrent with the COVID vaccine rollout.

And Big Pharma, FDA, NIH, CDC, etc. are all free to answer this question themselves. These are, after all, their products. But so far, I’ve seen nothing from them on this question other than their stated design goal.

The second question for them is: “Is there any control over the number of copies of the vaccinating molecule each of my hijacked cells is forced to manufacture?”

Researching this question opens a real Pandora ‘s Box, but according to former CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield, the short answer is “no” (see timestamp 2:02). Various sources are claiming numbers ranging from “a few” (whatever that means) to “in the seventies,” to hundreds of copies of the manufactured molecule, if not thousands.

Translate this information into something a little less abstract, and it’s like asking your personal physician how many shots they are going to give you and them answering “A few or maybe about seventy or maybe hundreds or even thousands. I don’t really know.”

And again, Big Pharma and their agency allies are free to answer this question for themselves since these are their products. But so far, I’ve not seen specific information from them concerning this question.

The third simple question for Big Pharma and their agency allies is: “What happens to my cells after your products hijack them?”

Answers I’ve seen range from “They continue to manufacture the molecule that the mRNA is coded for (see timestamp 2:25) for an unknown length of time” to “They are killed by your immune system Killer T-cells” (see section 3.2).

Either answer should be problematic enough to provoke nascent critical thinking in even the most trusting of Big Pharma among us.

If it’s the former, it’s confirmation that Question Two above is more than valid; it’s in fact vital if you want to have any idea at all “how many shots” you are actually receiving, and what that means for your health.

If it’s the latter, the question immediately becomes, “So what happens to me when my heart cells (or some other organ tissue type) are hijacked and then my Killer T-cells start killing them?

Big Pharma and their agency allies should answer this question about their products. And people should not be forced to deep dive research papers or sit thru a 45-minute video listening to experts to find answers. That said, I’ve not seen any answers from them so far.

Interestingly, the process of hijacking bacteria instead of our cells (or using some other method of synthesis) eliminates all of the concerns discussed above. But it does cost considerably more to implement. And the bottom line is, it was the “streamlined” process of hijacking our cells that was chosen by Big Pharma and endorsed by their allies at FDA, NIH, CDC, etc.

The outstanding question is “Why?”

Has Big Pharma concocted a profit bloating manufacturing shortcut? And is their shortcut you?

The public is owed straight, un-obfuscated answers to each of these simple questions. Many of us know what the answers are, but these are Big Pharma’s products so they and their agency allies owe it to the public to answer such basic questions themselves.

And they can have their answers scrutinized by the world’s scientific community.

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Content created by the WND News Center is available for re-publication without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact [email protected].

This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

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